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T consistently grown, diversifed, and successfully adapted to changing times in the industry. That’s why we’re able to celebrate 120 years in operation this year.”

As part of its recent growth initiative, Vane Brothers is having Conrad Industries of Amelia, Louisiana, build three new barges, each equipped with seven John Deere

PowerTech marine engines.

The three Double Skin (DS 801-803) barges measure 123 by 22.5 meters (405 by 74 feet) and can carry petroleum products in an amount that is equivalent to about 11,323 metric tons (83,000 barrels). Each barge is equipped with three 250-kWe generator sets powered by 6135AFM85 marine engines. The radiator and fan assembly for each of these generators is remote mounted about 9 to 12 meters (30 to 40 feet) away. “We did that to improve heat rejec- tion and to address space limitations within the machinery space,” explains Steve Magdeburger, special project man- ager for new barge construction at Vane Brothers.

Each barge is equipped with three 6135HF485 auxiliary deck engines. Two drive centrifugal pumps with a com- bined pumping capacity of approximately 1,091 metric tons (8,000 barrels) per hour. The other powers an Om- niThruster bow thrusters In addition to the auxiliary deck engines, the barge is equipped with a 99-kWe emergency standby generator powered by a 4045AFM85 engine.

All engines are certifed by the American Bureau of Ship- ping (ABS). John Deere engine distributor, engines, inc., packaged the engines and designed the remote radiator and fan assemblies. Devall Diesel Services, a John Deere

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