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Royston’s Digital Fleet

Performance Optimization

Royston’s latest enginei marine fuel monitoring and engine management system continues the marine indus- try’s digital transformation. The up- graded ‘V2’ operating software for the enginei EFMS improves performance

Trelleborg’s SafePilot CAT monitoring and feet management ca-

MAX Takes Safety to the MAX pabilities. Also for the frst time, engi-

Trelleborg’s marine systems’ SafePi- nei’s special engine monitoring mod- lot CAT MAX is the latest addition ule gives owners cost-effective options to its SafePilot range, which uti- for the remote monitoring of elec- lizes state-of-the-art software and tronic engine data without the need technology to help pilots optimize for fowmeters and other sensors.

safety in day-to-day operations.

Trelleborg’s new SafePilot CAT

MAX has been specifcally designed for use in even more demanding ap- plications including as the piloting of ultra large container vessels and

LNG ships in confned waters and offshore operations.

Sharrow Engineering’s New

High Effciency Propeller

Philadelphia design frm Sharrow

Engineering’s propeller design has been awarded patents in the US, Ja- pan, Canada, and European Union with further patents pending. Re-

LTE Antennas ideal for search shows the Sharrow Propel-

City or Sea ler is 9%-15% more effcient than

Poynting’s Cellular LTE/5G Ready the industry standard Wageningen omni-directional antennas improve

Arctic FoxTail passes

B-series design. Industry experts internet speed when requiring con-

Svalbard tests have traditionally evaluated gains nectivity at sea. Poynting’s new

Arctic Foxtail, a new oil spill re- of 1 percent effciency as meaning-

OMNI-402 and the OMNI-600 sponse device capable of cleaning ful. The Sharrow Propeller can be

MIMO omni antennas are based on up spills in arctic conditions and manufactured to meet a comparable the popular marine antenna (OMNI- contributing to Norway’s spill pre- price point to standard propellers. 291). These antennas share the same paredness, is a new winterized ver- physical elements within the antenna sion of H Henriksen’s standard enclosure. Although both antennas

Foxtail mop skimmer. Filtering out are electrically the same, the OMNI- oil spills from the seawater using its 402 is specifcally designed for ma- sorbent mops, the FoxTail can op- rine applications and the OMNI- erate in -21°C under the same sea 600 targeted at inland environments. temperature and wind conditions.

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