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Naval Architecture

Incat Crowther tory of ? rsts, having developed the wave piercing catama- cation, operation support and technical analysis. ran and pioneering the use of catamaran passenger vessels NETSCo has worked extensively to reduce vessels’ car- in the tourism and commuter sectors. More recently, Incat bon footprints, having completed studies in the develop-

Crowther has been at the forefront of the use of catamaran ment of hybrid technology, along with designing vessels hull forms in offshore vessels, as well as the continual evolu- with low resistance and minimal power requirements to tion of monohull crew vessels with industry leading ef? cien- allow for increased fuel ef? ciency, as well as signi? cant re- cy and performance. Its diverse product portfolio includes ductions in noise and vibration compared to traditional monohull, catamaran and trimaran hullforms serving a vast diesel plants. Additionally, NETSCo has handled ballast range of sectors, including commercial, recreational, military water management system engineering and retro? t proj- and passenger. Construction materials include composite, ects that have included all the major treatment technolo- aluminum and steel construction, with the company pos- gies. The NETSCo team uses advanced software to re- sessing leading-edge engineering experience in all materials. view vibration, stress, seismic and thermal loads, as well

Incat Crowther offers a full range of services, ranging from as impact and crash analyses. NETSCo’s FEA services can preliminary design and operational studies through to full be used to troubleshoot basic design concepts, optimize functional design packages including 3D systems design. designs, validate vessel modi? cations or to ensure quality

The company works with a world-class network of suppliers control for product replacement. Other core services at and shipyards which combine to deliver for projects with NETSCo include bulk material vessel design (both liquid minimal technical risk. and dry bulk), cargo integrity studies and structural analy- ses of cargo, including detailed FE modeling, for the larg- est capacity, self-unloading carriers built in the U.S.


Robert Allan Ltd.

Northeast Technical Services Company, Inc. (NETSCo) was formed in 1984 and today ranks among the most re- spected engineering ? rms in the U.S., providing a range Robert Allan Ltd. is Canada’s most senior consulting of naval architecture and marine engineering services in naval architecture and marine engineering ? rm, ? rst estab- support of vessel design, construction, conversion, modi? - lished in Vancouver, B.C. in 1930, with an international

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