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MN 100 Market Leaders

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Naval Architecture reputation for innovative designs of a wide range of vessels The scope of services offered ranges from concept stud- for service in the marine transportation industry. In par- ies through complete design documentation for contract ticular, it has earned a reputation as a leader in harbor and bidding and classi? cation society approval, to production seagoing tugs, shallow draft towing vessels and ? reboats for working drawings and procurement support. Use of the major world ports. latest CAD technologies expedites and improves the ac-

The ? rm’s experience includes designs for hundreds of curacy of every aspect of the ship design process.

vessels of almost all types, from small coastal and inshore The Robert Allan Ltd. team also undertakes projects ? shing boats to oceangoing vessels of various designs. With for a broad range of marine consulting services, involv- a legacy of almost nine decades of design experience, there ing virtually every aspect of planning and developing are very few vessel types in its ? eld of work which the ? rm either marine transportation systems, towing and ship- has not already developed in some form and which exist handling or escort operations, ship construction man- in the Robert Allan Ltd. ? les at least as a basic reference. agement and vessel maintenance and operations. It also

This legacy includes a large number of shallow draft de- offers support services throughout the entire vessel pro- signs for northern Canadian and South American Rivers. curement process. 13 MN

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