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one hundred

Shipbuilding & Repair pgp allow for numerous barge repair and conversion projects of various sizes and complexities to be performed simul-

Bludworth Marine taneously. The shipyard’s 83,000 square foot robotic blast and paint facility is the largest facility of its kind in the

LLC country, with space to accommodate barges up 320’ x 80’

An experienced shipyard with mobile repair teams that inside the building.

Through the second quarter of 2020, C&C Marine and service the Gulf of Mexico from Corpus Christi to Lake

Repair has completed production of a 24,000 HP diesel-

Charles, Bludworth Marine, established in 1998, has con- electric cutterhead suction dredge, a 6,600 HP (triple-z tinually expanded its physical plant locations and the ap- propriate service personnel to better service an expanding drive) towboat, the ? rst two (in a series of 15) 2,600 HP towboat, three deck barges, a spud barge, and two 30,000 customer base of marine vessel owners. Its multiple ma-

BBL tank barges. On the horizon for the second half of rine repair locations in Galveston and Orange, Texas in- clude a graving dock and two dry-docks up to 3,000 tons. 2020 is the completion of a 4,000 HP towboat, two more 2,600 HP towboats, and the ? rst in a series of three 6,000

Bludworth Marine services a full range of vessels from in- land tugs and barges to oceangoing ships. Other services HP towboats, along with numerous other projects that will offered include shipyard and docking vessels to topside be in various stages of production.

repairs on ships and ocean ? oating equipment. U.S. Gulf and worldwide services can be provided through traveling

Colonna’s crews. Bludworth Marine also owns the Bludworth ATB ? exible pushing system design and is the U.S. sales and

Shipyard, Inc. service representative for the Japanese Taisei Engineering

Articouple ATB systems.

Celebrating its 145th year in business, Colonna’s Ship- yard in Norfolk, Va. is a family-owned, full-service ves- sel repair and service facility that serves everything from

C&C Marine and workboats to oceangoing ships. Colonna’s strength is its diverse capabilities with extensive experience in com- p Repair mercial and government ship repair, machining and large

C&C Marine and Repair is a full-service shipyard steel fabrication.

While rooted in a rich history since 1875, today’s Col- specializing in steel new construction and barge repair services. The yard provides services for both the inland onna’s Shipyard is a company with diverse industrial ca- brown water and offshore industries. New construction pabilities. Colonna’s Steel America Division is a custom services include boats, barges and dredges along with a steel fabrication shop and large-scale machining service whole host of other ? oating vessels. Its repair services provider with complex mechanical and electrical capabili- include barge repair, barge modi? cations, piping repairs ties. Colonna’s Down River Division is the rapid repair di- vision of Colonna’s, designed to mobilize outside the gate and modi? cations, ISE repairs, barge blasting and paint- on a 24/7 basis for pier-side and underway emergencies, or ing, and tank liners.

The Belle Chasse, La. shipyard is located along the Gulf preplanned voyage repairs.

The company continues to maintain its commitment

Intracoastal Waterway, with proximity to both the Missis- sippi River and Gulf of Mexico. C&C Marine and Repair to modernization, making the capital investments nec- performs all new construction and some barge repair and essary for improvements in ef? ciency and productiv- ity. Now encompassing more than 100 acres, Colonna’s conversion projects in one of its fully enclosed fabrica- tion bays, totaling over 500,000 square feet. Its facilities has three ? oating dry docks, one marine railway and a 17 MN

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