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Power & Propulsion

MJP 750 DRB waterjets. In total, MJP will deliver 45

OmniThruster shipsets over the next 10 years. Selected for its superior shallow draft maneuvering capabilities, the 750 DRB waterjets are constructed from duplex stainless steel offering the latest advancements in MJP’s proprietary mixed ? ow technology. Featuring an inboard hydraulic system and an integrated electronic control system, the selected propulsion package has been optimized to ? t the needs of the U.S. Army.

OmniThruster Inc.

For over 40 years OmniThruster has been a developer of waterjet bow/stern thrusters and maneuvering systems for maneuverability and auxiliary propulsion, specializ- ing in waterjet thrusters that operate ef? ciently in shallow draft conditions. Its HT Series in particular are capable of full power operation with only 3’ of draft. The HT Se- ries (200-600 HP) was developed to provide small vessels maneuvering and auxiliary propulsion capabilities. The unique design features a compact, conical chamber, which generates a helical ? ow pattern resulting in ef? cient energy conversion. This Heliconic approach effectively decreases

Marine Jet Power submergence requirements for full power operation, ap-

Engineered and built in Sweden, Marine Jet Power’s stain- pealing for shallow draft vessels. For larger vessels, the JT less steel, mixed-? ow and aluminum, axial-? ow waterjets are Series (700-2250 HP) is a scienti? cally designed and pat- used in many diverse applications, from fast military craft ented system for maneuvering and auxiliary propulsion. and passenger vessels to luxury yachts and workboats world- The JT utilizes a traditional mixed-? ow impeller that wide – with more than 100 million running hours strong. draws water in through an intake, at the bottom of the

The company recently launched its next generation of wa- hull, and then ejects it through the steering valve assembly. terjet propulsion, the X Series, designed for high-speed appli- cations including, military, passenger, recreational and com-

OXE Marine AB mercial vessels. Built from duplex stainless steel, the unit is stronger, lighter, more ef? cient and more corrosion resistant, providing users with more power in a lighter unit that burns The OXE Diesel is designed and built for commercial us- less fuel and extends range. It also features a redesigned cast ers, with an emphasis on endurance, reliability, power and aluminum reversing bucket and optimized steering nozzle. control. The patented technology of the commercial diesel

Of note, MJP has been selected by Vigor as the propul- outboard provides a robust drive unit that effectively transfers sion provider for the U.S. Army’s Maneuver Support Ves- high torque diesel power from the engine to the propeller. sel (Light), MSV(L), project. The U.S. Army awarded the Combined with a modular layout, easily accessible service

MSV(L) contract to Vigor in late 2017. The new generation points, closed coolant system, interchangeable gear ratios that of landing craft for the U.S. Army will feature triple drive allow the user to choose between high torque or high speed

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