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Twin Disc, Inc. to equip four tugs for the Royal Canadian Navy being sions for regulatory compliance, and fuel and mainte- built at Industries Ocean, Inc., as well as two new tugs for nance savings for faster return on investment. Clearly,

Seabulk Towing. Twin Disc sees signi? cant opportunity in this trend. Its acquisition of Veth Propulsion includes Veth’s industry- leading technology and an industry-wide reputation for innovation and reliability. With expanded engineering

Twin Disc, Inc.

capabilities, we’re ready to meet growing demand for elec-

Twin Disc, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells marine tric or electric and diesel-electric propulsion systems. Our and heavy-duty off-highway power transmission equip- ? exible solutions include serial hybrid propulsion, or full ment. Products offered include marine transmissions, electric, and parallel hybrid, toggling between electric and azimuth drives, surface drives, propellers and boat man- diesel power to turn the shaft. Projects are already in the agement systems, as well as power-shift transmissions, works in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, with hydraulic torque converters, power take-offs, industrial more on the horizon—shaping our marine product line as clutches and control systems. The company sells its prod- well as the future. ucts to customers primarily in the pleasure craft, commer- Twin Disc hybrid propulsion systems combine electric cial and military marine markets, as well as in the energy motors and diesel engines, enabling switching between the and natural resources, government and industrial markets. two or using both for a power boost. Electric operation,

The company’s worldwide sales to both domestic and for- practical at low power and speed, cuts fuel use and emis- eign customers are transacted through a direct sales force sions. Hybrid uses include vessels with long waits between and a distributor network. jobs (tugboats, pilot boats); those regularly operating at

The trend toward hybrid marine propulsion systems slow speeds (patrol boats, survey vessels); and those whose continues to accelerate, particularly in Europe, as suppli- low full-power requirements let them rely on less costly ers and operators see increasing bene? ts: reduced emis- diesel plus power boosts. 37 MN

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