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U.S. Dredgers Pile U.S. Dredgers Pile on New Business –on New Business –

Credit: Callan Marine and Equipment By Eric Haun he U.S. dredging industry is as strong today upward trends in storm recovery operations, and shoreline as it has been in years, with good market op- protection related to climate change and sea level rise.” portunities for dredging contractors from coast Stewart said Dutra’s nationwide ? eet of hopper dredges, to coast driving booming business for dredge clamshell derrick dredges and oceangoing split hull dump

T builders and equipment suppliers. scows have been kept busy, performing dredging operations “The U.S. dredging market remains strong. Congress on the Atlantic, Gulf and Paci? c coasts. Solid demand has clearly recognizes the critical role that waterborne com- led the company and other dredging contractors to bring merce plays in our economy and continues to support new equipment into the U.S. ? eet. “The current health of dredging projects of all types—routine maintenance and the dredging market is encouraging our industry to recapi- operations, deepening, and sediment reuse and shore pro- talize assets at a once-in-a-generation pace,” Stewart said.

tection projects—at increasing levels. That commitment is The Dutra Group recently launched a new split bottom also recognized in the continued increases in year-over-year dump scow currently performing work in the Atlantic mar- spending from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund for its ket, and it has also recently con? rmed construction of anoth- intended purpose, dredging operations,” said Harry Stew- er new 6000cy split lull bottom dump scow for delivering in art, Chief Operating Of? cer of the San Rafael, Calif.-based 2021, Stewart said. “We constantly evaluate the market and

Dutra Group. “We anticipate that the current port capital demand for new dredge equipment, and as in the past, are projects will produce an increase in routine O&M dredg- quick to respond when the needs arise,” he explained.

ing for those waterways, and are also tracking inevitable Another ? rm adding equipment is Galveston, Texas-

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