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Crowley maintain this commitment.

Centerline is a marine transportation services provider

Centerline operating on the U.S. West, East and Gulf Coasts, Mis- sissippi River, and Alaska, active in the transportation and

Logistics storage of petroleum products, ship assist, tanker escort, rescue towing, transportation of general cargos and off-

Centerline Logistics, formerly Harley Marine, has some- thing to prove. “For us it is a redemption story more than shore projects. It is also a full-service nationwide company anything,” says Matt Godden, CEO. “There was so much that is a parent to seven marine services businesses and one about the company being at its death knell or ? nal stages, bulk liquids terminal.

and everyone looking at it and thinking, ‘Oh, that thing’s a mess.’ It is quite the opposite. We have leased three new boats

Crowley and are looking to add new boats to our growing markets.”

Godden says the company is well positioned for the next

Crowley is a U.S.-owned and -operated marine solu- chapter of its history and is moving forward with a strong name for a strong company. In choosing its new name, the tions, energy and logistics services company that pro- vides services in domestic and international markets company looked to select one that would honor its mari- time history and experience. The center line of a marine through four business units: Crowley Logistics, Crowley

Shipping, Crowley Solutions and Crowley Fuels. The vessel is a signi? cant point of balance and one that repre- sents strength for the broader hull of the vessel. Godden company was launched in 1892, by founder Thomas says the company has been renowned for its safety record Crowley - the grandfather of current Chairman and and operational capabilities, and added that it intends to CEO Thomas B. Crowley Jr. - and is now wholly and

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