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one hundred p Operators

Vane Brothers

Foss Maritime


Supported by project management and marine engineer- ing group, Foss provides comprehensive marine transporta- tion services, from global turnkey logistics/transportation services to inland movements and total project manage-

Patrick Stant ment. Foss transports cargos ranging from large-scale mod-

McDonough Marine Service ules used for energy expansion all the way to single trans- formers along the entire Columbia/Snake River system.

Seattle-based Foss offers a complete range of maritime and Ocean Sun, towed Lucius Spar from Corpus Christi, transportation and logistics services, from everyday harbor

Texas, through the Ingleside Channel to some 300 miles jobs to complex transportation challenges in remote parts offshore. Two Crowley Invader-class tugs, towing heavy- of the world. In March, Foss tugs assisted the hospital ship lift series barges 455-5 and 455-9, followed with 20,000 USNS Mercy into the Port of Los Angeles to support CO- tons of dry ballast materials. Once in deep water, the tugs VID-19 response efforts. Foss’ hundreds of tugs and barges helped hold the platform for positioning. Ocean Wind provide harbor services and transportation operations in and Ocean Wave pushed the Jack/St. Malo facility away all major U.S. West Coast ports, including the Columbia from Corpus Christi and through the Port of Aransas, and Snake River system. Internationally, Foss supports cus-

Texas. Once offshore, Ocean Wind and Ocean Sun towed tomers across the Paci? c Rim, in Europe, South America the facility to its ? nal location. In the positioning phase, and the Arctic. In addition to transportation and maritime all four tugs worked together to hold the Jack/St. Malo for logistics, Foss provides engineering and shipbuilding ser- positioning. Four Ocean Class tugboats, and ? ve barges vices. The company’s mobile response repair service can supported the tow-out of the Big Foot extended TLP. The send a team of maritime engineers to service vessels any- vessels worked together to deliver the platform, tendons where in North America within 24 hours. With two full- and other equipment from Spitzer Industries, in Houston, service shipyards and an expert marine engineering group, and Kiewit Offshore Services in Ingleside, Texas, to the Foss helps throughout the life cycle of a project, including ? oating production facility. Ocean Sun and barge, Julie analyzing vessel and equipment requirements for a spe-

B, transported a 3,747-ton platform jacket and piles to a ci? c job, to designing a new build or vessel modi? cation drilling site 35 miles off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago through to production and proper out? tting of the vessel.

from Offshore Fabrication Co. in La Brea, Trinidad.

In February Foss christened its new 90-ton tug Jamie Ann.

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