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MN 100 Market Leaders

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one hundred p Operators

It is the ? rst of four new ASD-90 tugs under construction at

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders in Freeland, Wash., the new- build will be followed by sister vessels Sarah Averick, Leisa Flor- ence and Rachael Allen, all scheduled to be delivered this year for service within the Saltchuk Marine family of companies.


Marine Service

McDonough Marine Service is celebrating 75 years in business in 2020. As a complete marine transportation and logistics solutions provider, the company specializes in the charter of barges and tugs, and the coordination and man- agement of cargo moves to support the successful execu- tion of customers’ projects.

Matt Godden, CEO

With 15 barge ? eets covering the Gulf of Mexico, the

U.S. East Coast, the upper rivers of the U.S. Midwest and

Centerline Logistics

Mexico, McDonough claims to own the largest ? eet of deck barges available for charter on the market today. The

Metairie, La. based company strives to offer the ? exibility customers need to secure the right barge for their marine erating a ? eet of 130 tugboats and barges on the U.S. transport and construction projects, with a ? eet of inland East, West and Gulf coasts. Vane Brothers provides a and ocean barges include deck barges, spud and power spud wide range of maritime functions, including ship bun- barges, hopper barges and shale barges. And because every kering, launch services, and safety equipment inspec- rented barge needs a tow, McDonough Marine Service has tion from multiple locations: New York, Philadelphia, invested in inland push boats, high eye level tugs, and strong Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, industry relationships in order to supply towing services. Tampa Bay, Puget Sound, Los Angeles/Long Beach, and

In addition, McDonough Marine’s Project Cargo service is San Francisco.

After taking delivery of new 4,200-hp articulated tug/ dedicated to the planning, coordination and management of marine cargo transport throughout the project lifecycle. barge (ATB) units in 2018 and 2019, Vane Brothers has

Utilizing its extensive and diverse ? eet of barges, availability added two new 3,000-hp push tugs: the Salisbury in 2019 and control of high-level boats, and specialized equipment, and the Annapolis in early 2020, with two more push tugs the project cargo team serves as a single source provider for currently under construction. The tugs were delivered by

Chesapeake Shipbuilding Shipbuilders and Naval Archi- resources and management of project cargo moves.

tects of Salisbury, Md. They have a length of 94 feet, a width of 34 feet, a molded depth of 10.5 feet and a work- ing draft of 8.5 feet. “These push boats ensure we have the

Vane Brothers most up-to-date ? eet to continue providing the highest

Headquartered in Baltimore, Md., Vane Brothers is a quality service in shallow waters and protected harbors,” says Vane’s President, C. Duff Hughes.

family-run company founded in 1898 and currently op- 57 MN

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