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Comms, Controls & Electronics

David Clark Company

Anthony George,

CEO & Founder

FUELTRAX maintains ongoing relationships with a variety of OEM cus- marine-based critical communications. David Clark Com- tomers, comprised of leading international workboat manu- pany Wireless Systems, based on the latest DECT technol- facturers. These strategic alliances help to enhance its prod- ogy, provide crew members with mobility to move about the ucts and systems to handle today’s increasingly sophisticated craft, without being tethered to intercoms or equipment. mission protocols and marine communication applications. Wireless units also offer seamless integration with wired

David Clark Marine Intercom Systems are installed on all Digital Intercom Systems, offering the ultimate in commu- manner of workboats - at work on patrol boats and military nication system setup, ? exibility and ease of operation. craft, off-shore service vessels, ? re/rescue boats, commercial ? shing vessels and more. The company’s Marine Intercom

Systems provide crew members with clear communication

FUELTRAX over engine and wind noise, enhanced situational aware- ness and safety, and hearing protection while working on In today’s operating environment, it would be an under- the water. All David Clark marine headsets and systems are statement to say that detailed insight into fuel consumption designed to withstand the rigors of the harsh marine en- and ef? ciency are key to managing marine operations. But, vironment with marine-grade components that resist salt, beyond the operational headache of determining where and spray, shock and vibration at sea. The Series 9100 Digital why you are consuming so much fuel and so quickly, regu-

Intercom System - unmatched for scalability, versatility and latory compliance is a fundamental requirement of modern simplicity of setup and operation - has become the com- marine operators. And that’s where FUELTRAX, a smart, munication system of choice for workboat and patrol boat self-contained fuel and data management solution comes crews. The system provides clear communication for an un- in. FUELTRAX operates in real-time, standardizing the ac- limited number of users, radios and other devices. Wireless quisition, securely transfers and tracks analysis of accurate headset technology can also be easily integrated, providing vessel and ? eet performance data. It operates with any ves- freedom of movement for crew members. The IP-based sel class, fuel type, engine model or geographic location. system can also accommodate several existing network an- In simple terms, FUELTRAX manages fuel use, recording cillaries, resulting in a simple, cost-effective solution for all secure, reliable, real-time data. It improves asset value, in 59 MN

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