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Comms, Controls & Electronics

Kongsberg Phoenix

Maritime Lighting

Clipper work with gplink for remote ? ed further in 2019, through the ac- vide relief for land-based hospitals. To monitoring, diagnostics and tracking. quisition of Rolls Royce Commercial properly accommodate this mission,

Marine. The subsequent integration the Navy required upgraded waterline enables Kongsberg Maritime to offer security lighting. The USNS Comfort integrated or standalone solutions for would bene? t from an immediate up-

Kongsberg applications on any ship. Kongsberg

Maritime is owned by KONGSBERG,

Maritime an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology sys-

Kongsberg Maritime is a single sup- plier of diverse, integrated solutions tems and solutions to clients within the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, with the power to optimize marine op- subsea, defense, aerospace and space.

erations and reduce environmental im-

Earlier this year, the ferry Bastø Fos- pact. Its technology and services drive positive transformations and enable en VI equipped with Kongsberg Mari- time’s advanced systems demonstrated safe, ef? cient and sustainable manage- ment of more than 30,000 vessels in fully automatic control from dock to the seaborne transportation, energy, dock while carrying passengers, cars and crew on board. The fully-integrated dig- ? shing, superyacht and naval sectors.

Kongsberg Maritime’s development ital system on Bastø Fosen VI automati- of sophisticated sensors, automation cally performs all docking and crossing and control technology has improved functions to a high and repeatable level safety at sea and operational ef? ciency of accuracy, a key step forward in the integration of autonomous technology for over 50 years. Always at the fore- into everyday shipping operations.

front of innovation, Kongsberg Mari- time has taken the lead in the devel- opment of Maritime Autonomous


Surface Ships (MASS) and is a major enabler of maritime digital transfor-

Lighting mation, with an extensive portfolio of information management and data- centric advisory systems. Kongsberg With the drastic increase in CO-

Maritime’s established Full Picture VID-19 cases, the USNS Comfort product and service portfolio diversi- was deployed to New York to pro- 61 MN

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