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Often used for navigation before the adoption of GPS, radio direction ? nders continue to function today as safety equipment for all types of vessels. RHOTHETA radio di- date to LED. The Navy looked to Phoenix Lighting, its rection ? nders can display a line of bearing toward VHF/ longstanding lighting supplier in Milwaukee, Wis. Work-

UHF radio signals including EPIRBs, PLBs and man over- ing closely with its distribution partner, Federal Resources, board beacons.

Phoenix was able to meet the Navy’s needs. In a matter RHOTHETA has leveraged more than 30 years of en- of four days, Phoenix Lighting customized, built and de- livered ModCom 2 LED ? oodlights to give the USNS gineering experience to develop a comprehensive line of radio direction ? nding equipment for air traf? c control,

Comfort the updated safety, light quality and ef? ciency search and rescue, and vessel traf? c services. The company required for the current deployment. has found a competitive edge in the industry thorough a

Phoenix, manufacturer of “the world’s toughest lights”, keen dedication to customer service and an optimal price/ is a trusted authority for tugs, workboats, ferries, dredges, performance ratio. A commitment to quality assurance is military service vessels, research vessels and barges that need demonstrated through ISO 9001:2015 certi? cation and reliable, sustainable lighting. It specializes in LED ? xtures an average turnaround time of 48 hours for repairs. More for machinery spaces, engine rooms and above deck areas than 200 organizations depend on RHOTHETA prod- which require well-lit and reliable illumination. The ? rm’s ucts including the U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast expertise in the marine market continues to improve op-

Guard, and German Air Navigation Services. In October erations all over the world. Phoenix Lighting was chosen 2019, the US Coast Guard selected the RHOTHETA to illuminate the newest three vessels in the Staten Island RT-500-M radio direction ? nder for Sentinel-class Fast

Ferry ? eet. Based on Phoenix’s reputation in the marine Response Cutter ? eet, and in February 2020, the Cana- market, Elliott Bay Design Group and Eastern Shipbuild- dian Coast Guard awarded a contract to Seacoast Marine ing knew they could count on the U.S.-based manufac-

Electronics, a RHOTHETA dealer based in Halifax, to turer to deliver reliable LED lighting that will withstand replace existing radio direction ? nders installed across the the marine environment and help keep passengers safe. An CCG ? eet including an installation on an offshore ocean-

LED package was chosen for the new vessels’ overhead and ographic science vessel.

? oodlighting to meet stringent safety and security require- ments and to ensure durable, marine-rated lighting.

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