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Allsalt Maritime American VULKAN


Allsalt Maritime American VULKAN

Allsalt Maritime (formerly CDG Coast Dynamics


Group) ? rst introduced shock mitigated seating in 2007 to protect commercial and military boaters from injury in Established in 1971, American VULKAN Corpora- the line of duty. The design, manufacturing and R&D ? rm tion (AVC) is a member of the multinational VULKAN is the owner of the SHOXS shock mitigating seating and Group. AVC is home to three divisions: VULKAN Cou-

Kinetix impact monitoring systems product lines. SHOXS plings, VULKAN Drive Tech and VULKAN Lokring. Its seats feature a patented impact mitigation design using offering to the maritime sector includes highly ? exible marinized air shock technology to reduce physical impact couplings for marine propulsion, dredging and genera- on the passenger when traveling through rough waters. Ki- tors; resilient mounts for diesel engines or shock applica- netix is an advanced shock monitoring system that records tions (navy); lightweight composite shaftlines for ferries, impact exposure data on vessels, seats, and crew. A combi- navy and waterjet drives; jawcouplings for industrial ap- nation of hardware, software and consultancy services allow plications, such as (dredge) pumps, compressors and con- maritime agencies to use the data to monitor short- and veyor belts; and on board services including installation, long-term shock and vibration exposure, investigate high commissioning and alignments. impact events, and predict vessel maintenance intervals.

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