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Advanced Mechanical


ABS also offered remote surveys to clear vessel repairs, such as those for damage that may restrict operations un-

Advanced der CG-835s. These surveys help clients by verifying the repairs have been made in accordance with requirements;

Mechanical provision of the associated reports to the USCG allows the vessels to resume operations as quickly as possible.


Keeping people safe – and assets operating – during the

COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges

AME is a mechanical reliability services company spe- for operators, both overseas and in the U.S. In response, cializing in predictive and preventative maintenance for

ABS in April published Response Measures to COVID-19 machinery assets on land and sea. Under the direction of for the Marine and Offshore Industries, a guidance docu- maritime engineer Rich Merhige, AME has been commis- ment designed to help asset-owners prevent and respond sioned worldwide to consult on some of the most complex to outbreaks of the virus. The best-practice guidance was vibration and alignment projects for various applications, subsequently published, with permission, on the Ameri- including those on workboats and motor yachts, pumping can Waterways Operators’ website to help its members re- stations, power plants and manufacturing facilities. Condi- spond to the safety challenges associated with the spread tion monitoring and precision alignment cutting edge tech- of COVID-19.

nology, methods and procedures form the backbone of the

Two other relatively new ABS services that have been asset management support AME provides. With vibration well received by operators in the U.S. shallow water sector analysis, diesel engine condition monitoring, shaft torque are asset management and cyber security. Helping owners and power measurements, ultrasonic and infrared technol- to maximize resources, the ABS ‘Condition Manager’ tool ogies, the company can pinpoint exactly what issues ma- provides a digital dashboard that offers a remote way to chinery is experiencing, or what components need to be ad- track the integrity of a vessel’s hull and machinery, includ- dressed to prevent unforeseen downtime and outages. Once ing inspections, repairs and spare-parts management.

data is analyzed, AME has the know-how, equipment, re-

The ABS CyberSafety program provides asset owners, sources and expertise to correct it. Whether laser, strain shipyards, designers, vendors and ship managers with the gage, optical or feeler gage – AME will get your alignment tools and knowledge to help them understand and manage straight. When one-size-? ts-all isn’t an option, AME’s two the risks associated with cyber-security, software quality fully equipped machine shops can fabricate, balance, ma- and data integrity as they navigate the digital age.

chine, weld and line bore customized solutions. The ? rm’s

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