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Massachusetts Resolve Marine

Maritime Academy ment vessels. The common horsepower range extends mate, ocean vessels, unlimited tonnage or third assistant from about 800 to 3,500 horsepower per shaft line, ar- engineer, steam or motor, unlimited horsepower. rangements in single, twin, triple, and quad screw arrange- Eying future prospects in the growing U.S. offshore wind ments. Industry-proven diesel electric and hybrid systems industry, MMA has launched the ? rst-in-the-nation offshore are seeing high increase in interest and demand in new wind crew transfer training facility. Focusing on basic safety market segments. Karl Senner, LLC has become the lead- training for the offshore wind industry courses comprising ing Z-drive supplier for high horsepower (6,000hp+) in- ? ve modules: ? rst aid, manual handling, ? re awareness, work- land towboats, delivering Steerprop Z-drives for all nine ing at heights and sea survival. Training takes place on campus existing vessels in North America to date. at the indoor climbing and Crew Transfer Training Facility.

Massachusetts Maritime

Maritime Academy Professional

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is a fully accredited,

Training four-year, co-educational state university offering Bachelor and Master of Science degrees that are highly regarded in Maritime Professional Training is a full service private the worldwide maritime industry and beyond. Located at maritime school that has been training mariners since 1983. the mouth of the scenic Cape Cod Canal, MMA prepares Its Fort Lauderdale, Fla. based campuses host over 45,000 women and men for careers on land and at sea. Through square feet of classrooms, deck and engineering training

Sea Terms and Cooperative Education Programs, under- labs, the Ship’s Store, and student service facilities. In addi- graduates log invaluable career experience during their tion to the MPT main campus, training programs also take four-year pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree, often while travel- place at the MPT SMART Simulation Center, Marine Tech ing to foreign countries. Upon graduation, cadets are quali- Shipboard Fire? ghting Site, the Sea Survival Training Facil- ? ed to lead as licensed maritime professionals, skilled busi- ity, and on board the MPT ? eet of training vessels.

ness managers, ship safety of? cers, commissioned military MPT offers all levels of certi? cation, license and docu- of? cers, and more. The U.S. Department of Transporta- ment study programs. Many of these offer in-school testing tion’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) recognizes the and are USCG-approved and recognized by many foreign

Academy as one of six state maritime colleges approved to administrations. MPT’s training programs are designed to prepare graduates for federal license examination as third meet and exceed IMO standards and are STCW Compliant.

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