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Over the years MPT has trained thousands of commer- emy specializes in shipboard ? re? ghting, maritime ? re- cial mariners, yachting professionals and enthusiasts, with ? ghting for land-based teams, safety and damage control a client list that includes commercial shipping companies, training. Academy courses are USCG/MCA and STCW marine corporations, the military, vessel management ? rms, approved certi? cation programs ful? lling requirements for superyacht personnel and thousands of other individuals. license upgrades, renewals, and revalidations.

At the core of the Academy’s training is the T/V Grey

Manatee ? re trainer which is a 140-foot shipboard ? re? ght- ing simulator located inside Port Everglades that utilizes

MOPS Marine live ? re, search and rescue training scenarios giving students the experience of real smoke, intense heat, full-gear practice

License Insurance using real-world tactics. Academy courses include ? re? ght-

MOPS Marine License Insurance has been protecting the ing aboard maritime vessels, organizing and training ? re

USCG licenses, livelihoods and professional reputations of response teams, proper handling and use of onboard ? re suppression equipment/systems, and crisis management/ mariners across America since 1935. MOPS provides its pol- damage control. Combing in-classroom learning and live- icyholders with defense of their USCG-issued licenses fol- lowing a covered marine casualty. For one annual premium action training, students are taught by instructors who are payment, MOPS policyholders are assigned an experienced professionals in the emergency response industry with ac- maritime attorney who represents them from the ? rst report cess to Resolve Marine global response operations. of casualty through any and all administrative proceedings and, if necessary, appeals. Providing unlimited license de-

Sewart fense and optional income protection, civil legal defense and professional liability coverage, MOPS has been in the corner of professional mariners for more than 85 years. Founded in 1969 by Allie W. Adams Jr., Sewart has grown into one of world’s leading distributors of Twin Disc,

Hamilton Jet, and Veth Propulsion products along the U.S.

Gulf Coast for the marine industry. The ? rm has been cel-

Resolve Maritime ebrating its 50-year anniversary throughout 2019 and into 2020, and as part of the milestone anniversary, the organi-

Academy y zation has been rebranded from Sewart Supply to Sewart.

Sewart operates two Louisiana of? ces located in Mor-

Resolve Marine provides global salvage, emergency re- sponse, training and compliance solutions as well as naval gan City and Harvey, and its Texas-based operations are architecture, marine engineering and marine services. The headquartered in Friendswood, Texas. Sewart claims to be the world’s largest stocking distributor of parts and assem- company translates real-world experience into intense, live- action ? re, safety, and damage control training at its “as real blies for commercial and recreational marine applications, industrial applications and oil and gas applications. The as it gets” Maritime Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

company sold more than 400 marine gear units in 2019,

Initially developed to train in-house OPA90 SMFF re- sponse teams, the Resolve Maritime Academy has grown and says it’s on track to exceed that in 2020.

“Strategically partnering with the manufacturers that we into a nationally recognized educational facility train- ing thousands of students from all over the world. From have has allowed us to be ? exible and move into nontra- ditional markets for Sewart. Even though our products are

OPA90’s inception in the 1990s, Resolve has been at fore- being used in more applications than ever before we are front of marine ? re? ghting and is considered to be a lead- ing emergency response provider with the most advance still focused on delivering quality products with outstand- ing service,” says Allie Adams IV.

? re/safety training facility in North America. The Acad- 75 MN

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