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Inland Waterways

By Tracy Zea

Development (E&WD) that funds the Corps, quintupling and 15% from the Inland Waterways Trust Fund (IWTF).

its Construction and tripling the overall Civil Works budget Funding for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is ($7.63) billion compared to the President’s budget request. $ 3.78 billion (the House-passed funding level was $3.84

The Corps’ Investigations account funding was $151 billion), or an increase of $1.78 billion above the Presi- million, equal to the FY20 enacted level and $48 million dent’s budget request.

above the FY21 request. $395 million was allocated for Mississippi River and

The IWTF level was $90 million for a total of at least Tributaries, an increase of $185 million above the presi- $180 million in funding for construction and major reha- dent’s budget request.

bilitation of inland waterways projects, with the

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