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MITAGS a win-win. Take every advantage,” he advised the audience. life, though,” Burkley noted, “you have to have plan A,

These new technological strengths raise an important, plan B and plan C. The real world is still out there.” and maybe troubling, question: Can simulators alone Glen Paine is the Executive Director at MITAGS. He completely train a captain or a pilot? Believe it or not – points out that advances in computer technology has made some say “yes,” at least for certain vessel tasks. Still, ro- ship simulators a reliable tool for mariner assessments. MI- botic prowess is not leadership. During the NAS Summit, TAGS has developed a proprietary (Navigation Skills As- one tow-boat industry participant commented that yes, we sessment Program®) that uses simulation to assess mariner need and want employees with strong tech skills. Then he watchkeeping skills at the operational and management added: “But we need people who know how to look up levels. Paine emphasizes that simulation is still “only one from a screen and look out the window.” part of the complex training process for developing the

George Burkley estimates that simulators can provide next generation of mariners.” “Hands-on’ ? eld experience 20% of what it takes to be a captain. “Pilotage is a blend is still absolutely critical.” of art and science,” Burkley commented. “You can do the Paine says the challenge for training providers is ensur- science part in a simulator. On the job training reinforces ing that “traditional seafarer sense” skills are integrated the art part. The brain learns differently when there are with the technology. At the end of the day, Paine points consequences.” A simulator can train for multiple options, out, “a mariner must know when the technology is failing but lessons usually present one condition at a time. “In real and what to do about it.” 21 MN

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