Wheeler Named U.S. Agent For Royal Schelde's Repair Yard At Vlissingen

Royal Schelde's Scheldepoort repair yard at Flushing (Vlissingen), Netherlands, (B.V.

Koninklijke Maatschappij 'De Schelde') has named Wesley D. Wheeler Associates, Ltd.

of New York City as exclusive U.S. agents.

The yard (shown above) is situated at the crossroads of the North Sea and English Channel at the mouth of the River Scheldt, entrance to the ports of Flushing, Antderp, Terneuzen, and Ghent. It is on open water, ideally situated for problem-free direct approach from open sea without deviation.

There are repair piers for ships up to 350,000 dwt, and dock capacity for ships up to 45,000 dwt. The harbor has an entrance width of 400 meters (1,312 feet), and is readily accessible for ships with a practically unrestricted draft. Thus afloat, repairs can be done to almost any vessel.

Royal Schelde can supply Sulzer diesel engine spare parts from stock. A list of spares in stock will be mailed on request. Strict adherence to schedule is the rule at Scheldepoort.

The yard operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Royal Schelde builds Schelde/Sulzer marine diesel engines for ships under construction at its own yard and elsewhere.

Management is by project and utilizes a system of continuous communication between owners and repair yard. All parties are kept up to date daily about the progress and cost of the work. The yard uses the newest gritblasting and coating equipment, including a high-pressure freshwater jet installation for hull cleaning of ships in drydock.

There are two graving and one floating dock at Scheldepoort. Graving dock No. 1 is for ships up to 25,000 dwt having a length of 175 meters (574 feet), beam of 25 meters (83.64 feet), and depth of 7.80 meters (25.58 feet). Graving dock No. 2 is for ships up to 45,000 dwt having a length of 217 meters (711.76 feet), beam of 30 meters (98.40 feet), and depth of 8.70 meters (583.18 feet).

Floating dock No. 3 is for ships up to 25,000 dwt and has a lifting capacity of 10,000 tons.

It accommodates ships having a length of 177.80 meters (583.18 feet), beam of 27 meters (88.56 feet), and depth of 7 meters (22.96 feet).

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