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Deck Machinery

FMC (continued from page 31) lindrical pedestal base 13V2 inches high and 55 inches in diameter with IVi-inch wall thickness. The

A-frame structure is reinforced steel plate with a support frame for main and auxiliary load hoist drums and boom hoist drums. The ball bearing turntable has a 55- inch pitch diameter with an inter- nal ring gear. Inner and outer bearing races are bolted 360 de- grees on the mounting plate.


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Gearmatic Co. of New Westmin- ister, B.C., Canada, a division of

Paccar of Canada, Ltd., has pi- oneered many new features in hy- draulic winch design such as planetary gearing, totally enclosed construction, automatic breaking, single lever control, mechanical two-speed, and free fall.

Every Gearmatic hydraulic winch and hydraulic drive is vir- tually custom-built to meet spe- cific performance needs, based on proven modular designs and as- sembled at the factory from a wide selection of optional features. Rep- resentatives of the range of offer- ings is Gearmatic's model 54 three- speed hydraulic planetary hoist.

The model 54 provides speed and flexibility in operation without sacrificing the qualities of simplic- ity, dependability, and long-life that are hallmarks of Gearmatic.

The model 54 features line pulls up to 56,000 lbs., line speeds of up to 474 fpm, a three-speed power shift, gear changes that can be made under load and with the ca- ble drum in motion, built-in auto- matic safety brake, and the com- plete drive train totally enclosed sealed, and running in oil. Options include various cable drum sizes, hydraulic motors, gear ratios, and

Gearmatic's free-fall capability.

The model 54 is a result of Gear- matic engineers sophisticated test- ing both in the lab and in the field that proves out new designs, re- fines production models, and de- velops new applications for many industries—including fishing, off- shore exploration, oil and gas pipeline, marine, and dock in- stallations.

Gearmatic hydraulic winches and drives are sold and serviced throughout the U.S., Canada, and worldwide through a network of distributors convenient to mari- time centers. They offer technical assistance, service, and parts.


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HIAB Cranes & Loaders, Inc. of

York, Pa., offers five models of its well-known hydraulic deck cranes.

Features and capabilities of

HIAB Sea Cranes include ease of operation, light weight, maneu- verability, load control and preci- sion placement, compactness, low operating height, horizontal out- reach and load carrying capacity, and corrosion resistant con- struction.

Trim and compact in design, they do not require guide ropes, cables or hand-operated winches to handle. They take up little space and can be mounted any- where on a boat deck. HIAB cranes are easily operated by one man us- ing positive, direct hydraulic con- trols. The crane's movements are fast and smooth due to the high- pressure hydraulic system.

On smaller boats, the light- weight feature permits a bigger cargo payload. The cranes have a flexible elbow between the main boom and outer boom, and a tele- scoping extension boom. (The cranes rotate up to 410 degrees on some models.) These features pro- vide exceptional maneuverability and the capability for lifting heavy loads close in or at maximum hor- izontal reaches. Outer booms pro- vide a firm, rigid support for the DOWNTIME:

The long and the short of it.

There's no reward in being m port due to unplanned downtime. Especially when you have to wait—and wait—for a part or a pair of helping hands to arrive from some distant place.


Certified Marine


Pocket Guide

In every major port you'll find a WABCO

Certified Marine Distributor, with the full line of WA.BCO controls and accessories, and a lot of the other equipment you need as well. He not only is your local source of parts, knowledge and repair facilities to keep you oper- ating 24 hours a day; he under- stands why you have to. That's the long and the short of it.



WABCO fluid power


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