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Tourneau N-7 DC electric motors with N drivers for hoist and lifting functions. A D-10 electric motor with #5 gearbox provides power for crane swing on all three units. Re- mote control is standard on all three cranes, with controls termi- nating at a spring-centered, infi- nitely variable potentiometer con- troller located at the operator's station. All three cranes can be supplied with an operator's cab as an optional item.


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Marco of Seattle, Wash., cele- brating its 30th anniversary in 1983, continued its tradition of continual improvements in its lines of deck machinery during the past year. Best known for its worldwide marketing of the Puertic Power

Blocks and other fishing deck ma- chinery systems, the company is also the world's largest producer of oil skimming vessels.

In addition to improvements made to existing products, Marco introduced three new pieces of fishing deck machinery recently.

First was a new aluminum long- line drum, used in a variety of longline fisheries on both coasts of the U.S. and Canada, as well as in other areas of the world. The hy- draulically powered drum features gear drive that makes it powerful enough that no secondary hauler is required. The new unit also fea- tures a diamond-screw levelwind and a unique declutching motor and adjustable drag brake to con- troll freewheeling speed.

Marco's San Diego-based subsid- iary, Campbell Industries, this year introduced a long-needed product for the world's high-seas tuna purse seine fisheries. Its new purse block for large superseiners is larger and yet 50 percent lighter, at 210 pounds (95 kg), than any other block of its capacity (20T/18mt).

This new, stronger block fea- tures a spring-loaded grease res- ervoir to automatically maintain lubrication under load, eliminat- ing the problem of bearing failure due to inadequate lubrication. The design also handles 1-inch (25 mm) connecting links through its throat, which are necessary to handle the heavier loads on %-inch (22 mm) purse lines with 1-inch center piece.

The most recent introduction by

Marco was its unique line of

FoamFlo fish pumping systems.

Designed to meet the particular needs of the salmon and herring fisheries, the FoamFlo was devel- oped with its chief goal being fish quality. The challenge has been to develop a pump that could handle great quantities of product, and yet treat both small and large spe- cies - without damage. With its unique combination of injected water and air creating flow,

FoamFlo answers this important challenge.

There are no impellers, venturi chambers, valves, or changes of flow direction to damage product.

FoamFlo operates without cycling

August 1, 1983 and maintains an uninterrupted flow of product from suction to dis- charge. One of its unique features is its ability to operate submerged in a pursed net or flooded tank, as well as on the surface of a dry hold.


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Markey Machinery Company,

Seattle, Wash., has been adding to its production capability, to better handle the larger wires and chains which are following the increases in vessel and rig size. A heavy duty long-bed lathe with a 100- inch swing is newly in service, and a horizontal boring mill with in- creased head travels and a much larger table is being set up.

A Markey side-by-side double drum diesel towing winch to han- dle 5,000-ft. and 3,000-ft. of 2Vz- inch wire is under consideration, and double drum units with fore- and-aft drums are being offered. A recently installed 2-inch single drum towing winch provided an under-slung wire lead—an ar- rangement feature which was se- lected with vessel stability rules in mind.

The oceanographic community is expressing renewed interest in research winches utilizing SCR- powered D.C. drives for their ex- cellent speed control, wide speed range, regenerative payout, low (continued from page 42)


FI1R IMIARIMF IIADIIWARF I UII IMIItIIIIIw,IS IIFLLIHIffrilIk • Propellers • Shafts • Bearings • Chain • Pumps


Shaft Logs



Steering • Welding • Mufflers • Compasses • Fiberglass • Clamps

Kort Nozzles—Bow Thrusters


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Stainless Steel



Forged Steel

Fiberglassing of Shafts

V Diameter to 9" Diameter to 30 Feet Length

Custom & Standard Zinc Anodes



ESSEX, CONNECTICUT (203) 767-8285

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Multi-Clamp provides a total system of planning, installing and retaining pipes, hoses and tubing on machine tools, in plants, on process machinery, in vehicles —anywhere line runs are required for hydraulic or pneumatic, cooling, lubrication, refrigeration, fuel, etc.

Supports tube and pipe in singular or multiple rows, and stacks in"Building-Block" type construction. • Off the shelf delivery in sizes 3/16" thru 6" O.D. • Provides for simplified installation.

A true "do-it-yourself" system.

OTHER HYDROCRAFT ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE INCLUDE' • Suction line filters • Filler assemblies • Reservoir end covers • Flange kits • Weld risers • Glycerin Gauges

Carefully crafted, quality controlled products from the designers of Hydro-Craft Hydraulic reservoirs and Accessories 1821 ROCHESTER INDUSTRIAL DRIVE, ROCHESTER MICH. 48063

Phone: (313) 652-8100 Telex: 023-5677

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Vessel Repair: From the smallest topside repair to major vessel rebuilding, National Marine will handle your repair requirements. 14 drydocks, some with lift capacities exceeding 3,000 tons, assure quick, quality service at a competitive price.

Engine Repair & Rebuilding: From our convenient shipyard locations to the remote corners of the world, our skilled mechanics perform quality diesel engine repairs and overhauls... fast.

Parts: Extensive inventories meet your specific parts needs, with most requirements filled "off- the-shelf." Round the clock customer service helps find that "impossible" part. Unit Exchange and rebuilt parts carrying National Marine's reputation for quality lower your repair costs.

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One of the NICOR basic energy companies

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NO SHOCK, NO VIBRATION, LOW NOISE tube and pipe support.

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