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Waller Heads New Firm

Based In San Diego To

Provide Contract Management


Robert Waller Jack Bertram

A new San Diego-based company is launching a new approach for the repair and moderniza- tion of military and commercial vessels. The firm, Engineering Visions, Inc. (Envisions), is focusing on providing integrated contract man- agement for planning, engineering, and produc- tion for the overhaul of ships and subsystems—a concept common in land-based construction but so far not employed widely in the marine engi- neering field. "Contract management for any given project is presently spread among several Naval activi- ties with limited overall responsibility," says

Robert A. Waller, Envisions president. "We feel our total contract management approach will achieve better integration and on-time de- livery at lower cost for all phases of mainte- nance, repair, alteration, and modernization."

Envisions was formed when employees of two divisions of Planning Research Corporation— 23-year-old PRC Marine Services and eight- year-old PRC Guralnick, Inc. (a joint venture with Morris Guralnick, Inc.)—purchased the operations and merged them this past summer. "As a single company we can operate more efficiently than we could as two separate organi- zations," says Jack Bertram, director of busi- ness development.

Other Envisions senior managers include:

Charles E. Warner, director of ship design;

Charles R. Barney, director of planning and logistics; John F. Hamma, director of engi- neering; and Mark P. Tanner, manager of finance and administration.

Fuel Tech Adds F.A. Hughes

As Subsidiary, Amalgamating

Combustion Technologies

The amalgamation of combustion technolo- gies from both the United States and Europe were brought to the maritime world when U.K.- based F.A. Hughes Marine Limited was made a part of the American-based Fuel Tech, Inc. group.

Fuel Tech of Stamford, Conn., is a unique organization dedicated to meeting the chal- lenges presented by industry's need to become more energy efficient. With extensive capabili- ties in combustion chemistry, combustion equipment, field service, and a continuing com- mitment to new product development, Fuel

Tech and its subsidiaries are an important source for solutions to today's energy problems.

Besides F.A. Hughes of Epsom, England, the

Fuel Tech organization is comprised of Todd

Combustion, Inc. (TCI); International Power

Chemicals, Inc. (IPC); and Todd Marine, Inc.

Todd Marine Inc. is chartered to represent

Fuel Tech, Inc. in the international marine industry. Through its marketing division, Todd

Marine Systems, it makes selected products and services of Fuel Tech, Todd Combustion, IPC, and F.A. Hughes available to the shipping world. Consequently, in Hughes and Todd Ma- rine two successful technologies are brought together, namely mechanical emulsification of fuel and water with water soluble fuel additives.

Thus, fuel saving opportunities are enhanced and corrosion and other problems tackled effec- tively at one and the same time.

For boilers, the well-known burners of Todd

Combustion will be enhanced by the Hughes oil/ water emulsifier and International Power

Chemicals chemical emulsifier, catalysts, ash modifiers and anticorrosion constituents.

For diesel engines, the Hughes new propor- tional control units enable oil/water emulsifica- tion to be maximized by I.P.C. additives. Emul- sification will be optimized by utilizing both mechanical and chemical techniques.

In this way, both parts of the group find new opportunities for growth in the expanding fields of energy conservation and the related technolo- gies. Overcoming combustion problems, reduc- ing emissions and increasing the usable content of hydrocarbon fuels are central to the overall corporate mission.

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Foss Initiates New

Container Feeder Service

Foss Launch & Tug Co. recently inaugurated a new service, moving containers between Seat- tle/Tacoma and New Westminster, B.C., which is the result of a company program to identify and develop new markets. Chuck Main, man- ager of sales development and Tim Brewer, vice president of sales, coordinated the com- mencement of the new container feeder opera- tion.

The major users of the new service are Sea-

Land Services, Incorporated and American

President Lines.

Foss completed several voyages of the new feeder service, for APL and Sea-Land, docking and directly unloading the containers at their individual terminals in Seattle and Tacoma.

In addition to cost savings enjoyed by the shipping lines, there is the added benefit of being able to offer a direct-call type of service to

Canadian shippers without having the time and expense of diverting a vessel into New West- minster or Vancouver, plus the simplification of receiving and distributing cargoes in and out of the terminal via barge, rather than individual trucks and also, reduced paperwork.

For more information about the new Foss ser- vice,

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High Strength QA Steel is in ship shape with large inventories of

Military/ABS steel grades backed by an extensive Quality

Assurance program.

High Strength QA Steel is Level I Approved ^ and ready for immediate service. f hHGH






















S-890 800-231-4576 • 713-937-7720 • TELEX 79-1190


Offers for sale the following:

Four Burmeister and Wain 8S28 Diesel Generator sets. Electrical Generation 1200 KW at 440 V 3 Phase 60 HZ by

NEBB. All classed Lloyds Register.

These Generators were removed from the Cunard

Princess in Oct., 1985 and can be seen at Malta Drydocks.

You are invited to tender for any or all of the above, which are offered as and where lying. No warranty is expressed or implied.

Applications to view will be coordinated by Cunard's

New York office and tenders should be submitted to:

Mr. R. E White

Chief Technical Buyer

Cunard Line Limited 555 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10017

Phone: (212) 880-7596 Telex: WU. 12246 10

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