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controls have adjustable backlight- ing for comfortable viewing, day or night. The dry, electrosensitive re- cording paper is 8 inches (204 mm) wide. Remote digital depth displays are available.

Noise cancellation circuitry re- jects unwanted random signals by cross-correlation of previous re- turns. Accuracy is ± 0.2 meters in the shallow ranges (0-100 meters), and ± 1 meter or 2';< of the indi- cated depth, whichever is greater, on the deep ranges.

Raytheon's RD-500 Echo Soun- der has an 80-kHz transducer. It is also available without a transducer, for use on ships equipped with Ray- theon's DSL-250 MKII and DSL- 450 MKII Doppler Speed Logs.

The IMO (International Mari- time Organization) Amendments to

SOLAS 74 (International Conven- tion for Safety of Life at Sea) adopted in 1981, recommends that on international voyages, ships of 1,600 tons, constructed before May 25, 1980, and ships of 500 tons, con- structed on or after May 25,1980, be fitted with chart-recording echo sounding equipment which meets certain performance standards. In addition to IMO requirements, the

RD-500 meets 1982 British DOT

Requirements for Marine Naviga- tion Equipment.

Manufacturer's suggested list price for the RD-500 Echo Sounder, including 80-kHz transducer, is $3,995. Raytheon provides a one- year limited parts warranty with one-year free service from any of its

U.S. dealers and worldwide service network.

For further information,

Circle 58 on Reader Service Card the Viewnav system interfaces with existing equipment including radar, gyrocompass, Doppler speed log,

Satnav, and Decca systems.

For a copy of the Viewnav Master

Mariner system brochure,

Circle 55 on Reader Service Card

Norcontrol Wins Contracts

For Liquid Cargo Control

And Monitoring Systems

Norcontrol Automation AS of

Norway has been awarded two ma- jor contracts valued at NOK 5.5 mil- lion (about $687,000) for the supply of monitoring and control systems aboard twin shuttle tankers now be- ing built at the Fredrikstad, Nor- way, and Dalian, China, Shipyards for Knutsen Shuttle Tank of Hau- gesund, Norway.

Both vessels are to operate on charter to the Norwegian state oil company, Statoil, for transport of oil between loading buoys in the

North Sea Gullfaks Field and vari- ous refineries. The Norcontrol sys- tems will enable Knutsen's tankers to computerize their loading/un- loading activities, optimize fuel effi- ciency, and insure continual opera- tional activity.

Norcontrol's experience gained through the first installation of this type, aboard the Norwegian shuttle tanker Jarena, was an important consideration in the award of these contracts, which confirm the com- pany's leading position as supplier of automation systems for advanced shuttle tankers.

Free Full-Color Brochure

On Monitoring System

Offered By Siemens AG

A free, full-color, eight-page bro- chure on the SIMOS 32 integrated monitoring system is being offered by Siemens AG of West Germany.

According to the publication, the

SIMOS 32 is a new generation moni- toring system and is conceived for operation with unattended machin- ery spaces. Depending on the ver- sion, the system is suitable for bina- ry and analog input signals with up to 360 or 500 channels.

The brochure, with the use of a system configuration diagram, color photos and lucid text, points out the special features and advantages of- fered by the Siemens SIMOS 32.

The eight-page brochure provides text on the special features of the

SIMOS 32, the system configura- tion, the type of alarm cassettes, operation and displays, peripherals, etc.

A special attraction of the Sie- mens publication is a technical data chart located on the back cover. The chart is broken into 4 categories: basis-components, dimensions, plain text processing and panels.

For a free copy of this useful bro- chure offered by Siemens AG,

Circle 93 on Reader Service Card


JIM LAGONIKOS, President Established 1974 Bob Mooney, Sales & Service Mgr.

Reconditioned Coffin & Pacific Feed Pumps

Service A-1 Condition Parts Available 24HRS TYPE* F-CG - DE - DEB - IND - T TLX-TWX 718-392-4444 TBA • 12 -16 - I6V2 710-5824847JPRNYK

Navigation Sciences

Offers Viewnav®

Master Mariner Brochure

A full-color "Viewnav® Master

Mariner Electronic Chart Naviga- tion System" brochure is available from Navigation Sciences, Inc. of

Bethesda, Md. The four-page bro- chure describes and illustrates the

Viewnav system used by operators of pilotboats, ferries, tugboats, and others who need an extra edge in accuracy for navigation.

The Viewnav system combines differential Loran-C, with radar,

NOS-quality digitized electronic charts, and proprietary software to present "live" displays of surround- ing activity. Accuracy is to within 5 yards, using repeatable differential loran fixes. Radar images are super- imposed and displayed on the chart water areas to show vessel traffic and other targets. Buoys, navaids, and channels are shown in actual chart colors. True motion displays are selectable in ranges from one to 48 NM, with automatic electronic chart advancement.

The Viewnav Master Mariner

Electronic Chart System consists of a control console, 14- and 20-inch full-color display monitor, and main equipment cabinets. Equipped with its own special Loran-C receiver, and radar and gyro interface units,

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Marine Lashing Tensioner

For containerships and RO/RO ships, TENSOR is the best overall investment in marine lashing tensioners. TENSOR is simple and safe to use. The screw-type operation means

TENSOR can't snap open to in- jure the user. And TENSOR'S unique, patented design pre- vents backing off under vibration.

With TENSOR, one man can achieve tension as high as 11,000 lbs.

And because of its rugged construction, with all working parts enclosed, TENSOR stands up to abuse. It even survives being •run-over by tanks! Take a closer look at TENSOR ... the best RO/RO and containership lash- ing tensioner available. 40 of these M-60, 50-ton military tanks were loaded and secured in record time ... 17 hours ahead of schedule . . . using M-35,

Type T-8 TENSORS. i PATTERSON • W.W. PATTERSON COMPANY 3 Riversea Roads, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 TELEX: 902845 (412) 322-2012

Winches-Air, Hydraulic & Electric • Containership Tensioners • Ratchet Turnbuckles

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