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Bailey Controls Forms

Marine Market Group To

Handle Worldwide Sales

Bailey Controls has formed a Ma- rine Market Group that will concen- trate on worldwide sales of process control systems and related equip- ment for use on marine vessels and offshore drilling platforms. The new group, based at the Bailey corporate headquarters in the Cleveland sub- urb of Wickliffe, Ohio, serves the global market through a network of domestic and overseas sales offices.

The market for semisubmersible drilling rigs and construction vessels alone is estimated at nearly $300 million over the next five years, according to John Glowe, group manager. In addressing this market,

Bailey will feature its highly suc- cessful microprocessor-based Net- work 90® system. The system has proven itself in a broad range of applications including the operation of compressor, pump and other off- shore drilling rig equipment, and has been readily accepted by the marine industry to perform complex ballast control functions as well as provide propulsion control on ves- sels and platforms. Network 90 is the only integrated digital control system to be approved under the

American Bureau of Shipping Type

Equipment Approval Program.

Bailey Controls is a division of

Babcock & Wilcox, and a leading worldwide supplier of instrumenta- tion, controls, and computer sys- tems for power generation, process automation and energy manage- ment in the petrochemical, electric utility and process industries. Bab- cock & Wilcox is a major operating unit of McDermott Incorporated, a subsidiary of McDermott Interna- tional, Inc.

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Designed originally to provide U.S. industry with intercoms which would deliver clear, dependable voice communication under the most severe operating conditions. ADCO units have earned wide acceptance in many segments of the marine industry.

Typical installations are aboard ship—bridge to deck or engine room, control center to diving bell—on offshore oil platforms—and throughout repair yards, dry docks, piers and storage areas.

What makes ADCO intercoms different is their ability to perform efficiently regardless of high ambient noise, weather or temperature extremes. Their heavy-duty cast aluminum cases are built to withstand rough usage—and are both weather and corrosion-proof.

Since each unit is a self-contained station which receives, amplifies and transmits the signal, intercom systems can include many stations over very long distances. Installation is simple and practical: each unit plugs into a nearby AC or DC power source, then is connected by ordinary low voltage 2-wire cable.

Phone or write for bulletin outlining complete range of models available.'



A Division of Guy F Atkinson Company

Section 6 10 West Orange Avenue

South San Francisco, CA 94080

Phone (415) 583-9845

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Scaffold Planks



Master Plank, an ^ engineered wood product, is a continuous laminated veneer panel that can be cut into any required size for use as scaffold planks, beams and headers, etc. Available in standard widths Master Plank, a wood laminate, provides strength properties superior to solid sawn wood. Warping, knotting and twisting are reduced, making the panel more consistently uniform.

For more information contact:


P.O Box 38027-A. 7751 Lyndon Avenue

Detroit. Ml 48238

Telex 23-0300. Telephone (313) 861-2523

Metropolitan Offers New

Grooved Pipe Fittings —Literature Available

Metropolitan Master Machinists,

Manufacturing Division of Metro- politan Plumbing Supply Corpora- tion, has introduced a new line of grooved victaulic-type pipe fittings in several sizes and material types.

According to the manufacturer, the company has doubled its ma- chine shop capacity and they are diversifying their line to include all types of regular and special valves and fittings, in various sizes and metals.

The new grooved pipe fittings will be offered in sizes from 2 inches to 24 inches in carbon steel, galvan- ized, stainless, aluminum, carpenter alloy 20 and cast iron. Included are tees and elbows in IIV*°, 221/2°, 45°, 60° and 90°. Also offered are lateral Ys, true Ys, transition pieces, numbers 40, 42, and 43 nipples, crosses, and reducers, in male and female thread, plus tees, flanges, return bends, long turn TYs and manifolds.

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Machinists and their full line of products,

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New Product Literature

From Drew Ameroid Marine

Drew Ameroid Marine, Boonton,

N.J., is offering new literature de- scribing its chemical products and services for the marine industry.

This pocket-size brochure describes their products and services for water and fuel treatments, mainte- nance, cleaners, feeding and testing equipment. Also included are brief descriptions of its welding and re- frigerant products as well as pack- ing, jointings and mechanical seals.

Drew Ameroid Marine is a leading supplier of chemicals to the mari- time industry and maintains a worldwide product supply and ser- vice capability.

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Overseas Agents

Company/Contact Person

East Coast Marine Associates. Inc. (Mr. Luis J. L. Gregorio • President)

Concord Shipping Agencies APS (Mr. Ian Fenger • Managing Director)

Kamfjord A/S (Mr. K. Tonsberg)

Pyrognomon Ltd. (Mr. S.J. Haratsis • Managing Director

Oceandata Ltd. (Mr. M. Macleod)

Tradewin Marine Services. Ltd. (Mr. C. W. Yuen)

Nippon Marine Service Co.. Ltd. (Capt T. Watanabe - President)



HEAD OFFICE YARD OFFICE 2nd Floor, PPL Building. 1000 United Nations. Caoangan P, Sub,c, Zambaws. Philippines

Mamia Philippines P O Bo. 1280 Tels. 47 12-66 47 1466 to 68

Teis 58 27 11 50-05 II Cable SUBICDOCK Te*., 40900 INSURE GA |ITTi

Tele. 40026 PSEC PU ,ITT1 349, 3492 PHSECO pu ,PT5T1 2571 PHSECO PU |PTST)

Address 21 West St New York. N Y 10006. U S A

Nyhavn 31 K, DK 1051

Copenhagen K. Denmark

Fr. Nansens Pi 6. Oslo 1. Norway 147 Patisslon Sir.. 11251 Athens Greece

Lowndes House. 1-9 City Road. London EC1Y 1AA 160S Wah Kwong Regent Centre 88. Queen s Rd . C Hongkong 7th Fir . Kyodo Bldg . 5-5 Uchikanda 2 chome.

Chiyoda-ku. Tokyo 101. Japan

Tel. No. (2121 943 0200 102)423430 (11 8647 987 01 588 5657 |5) 255-223 (03) 256 5644 8

Telex No. 421726 EAST Ul: 425112 15568 CONCOR DK 76478 AWKAM N 219547 HAST GR 8956803 ODATA G 60077 TMSER HX 222 5 252 NIMAS J

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