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Pyramid Pump

Offers Brochure On

Deepwell Barge Pumps

Transamerica Delaval, Pyramid

Pump Division, Monroe, N.C., is offering a free, four-page brochure on their AMR™ Vertical Deepwell

Barge Pumps.

The brochure, which comes with three binder holes for easy storage, is entitled "AMR Vertical Deepwell

Barge Pumps For New Installa- tions, Replacements, or Conver- sions."

According to the publication, for economical conversions from cen- trifugal units, AMR pumps replace centrifugal pumps plus supporting stripping; fit most common size deepwells (24-inch diameter or larg- er); and utilize standard deepwell centrifugal pump columns and dis- charge heads.

In addition, the text of the bro- chure states that AMR pumps elim- inate the initial cost of expensive stripping systems, as well as permit- ting the use of smaller drivers than required by centrifugal pumps, and do not need to have the product heated to acceptable centrifugal pump temperatures.

Some of the special features which highlight the brochure are: a cutaway drawing showing the "sim- ple design" (no timing gears, preci- sion bearings or mechanical seals) of pump type 4131C-800JD; a graph of typical VUP-4131C-800JD data; and a drawing showing the typical deepwell systems dimensions.

To obtain a copy of this free bro- chure on AMR™ Vertical Deepwell

Barge Pumps,

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BERGEN DIESEL, type B, designed for propulsion and power generation duties in the marine market.

We have given full emphasis to the need for low operation costs and at the same time the demand for lowest possible ca- pital cost.

The design criteria has been:

High reliability and long overhaul inter- vals on lower quality heavy fuels.

Good access to and easy servicing of engine components.

Low fuel consumption.

Low wear figures.

Bergen Diesel has more than 5000 heavy fuel burning engine cylinders in service and currently deliver engines for unre- stricted operation on 700 cSt at 50° C vis- cosity fuel.

Suite 203, 2110 1-10 Service Road, Kenner, LA 70065

Tel.: (504)443/3005 — Telex: 784980 — Telefax: (504)4433051


ZJ BMV Maskin AJ>

P.O. Box 924 - 5001 Bergen - Telephone: 475190000

Telex: 42735 bmvh-n - Telefax: 475190405


Nissen Metal Marker

Readable At 2,100° F —Literature Available

A high temperature metal marker usable in metalworking applications such as heat treating, coding and identification for hot castings and forgings, and layout work for cutting and brazing has been introduced by

J.P. Nissen Company, Glenside,


According to the manufacturer, under independent testing the marker has been proven to exhibit readability with 24 hours of contin- uous exposure to temperatures up to 1,700°F. In an uncontrolled at- mosphere, marks were clearly read- able at the end of the following test cycles: 500°F, 1,325°F and 1,550°F using time cycles of one, four, 16 and 24 hours; 1,700°F, 1,900°F and 2,100°F using time cycles of one, two, four, nine, 16, 20 and 24 hours.

The marker utilizes a lead-free proprietary pigment and base for- mulation in conjunction with the patented Nissen® ball point to pro- vide economical, durable marking on wet, dry, oily, rough and smooth surfaces.

For more information on J.P.

Nissen Company's high tempera- ture metal marker,

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SNAME Southeast Section

Holds General Meeting

A general meeting of the South- east Section of The Society of Naval

Architects and Marine Engineers was held recently at the Jackson- ville Hilton, Jacksonville, Fla.

The theme of the meeting was the conversion and repair of the cruise ship M/V Skyward, operated by

Norwegian Caribbean Lines. The vessel was in drydock at Jackson- ville Shipyards, Inc. for extensive repairs and fitting of a new bulbous bow.

The all-day technical session was convened by vice chairman-North

Andy Lebet. The first presenta- tion, titled "The Operator's Per- spective" by Svenn Dahl, senior vice president, operations, Norwe- gian Caribbean Lines, discussed the reasons behind adding the bulbous bow, stern skirt and various other means of reducing operating costs.

The second preparation by Tage

Wandborg, featured a video tape 32 Circle 113 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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