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'85 Sales Of Imperial

Survival Suits Nears 100,000—Literature Offered

Sales of cold-water survival suits by Imperial Manufacturing Compa- ny of Bremerton, Wash., approach 100,000 this year, according to pro- duction manager Jim Skelly. A big boost in sales for the company, which has been producing survival suits for 15 years, came last summer when new U.S. Coast Guard re- quirements became effective. Inter- est of the marine community in improving protection against drowning and hypothermia—death from loss of body heat—continues to increase both in the U.S. and abroad.

In a four-month period last sum- mer, Imperial sold 8,500 survival suits, nearly its total sales volume in


Simply the best.

The new screw compressor for air-conditioning installations in ships.

STAL-MINI from STAL means screw compressors with maximum relia- bility for the world's shipping lines.

Compressors which provide efficient refrigeration under a wide range of climatic conditions.

During the last 20 years - ever since screw compressors began to be used for marine refrigeration installations (where we have long been world leaders) - technical development has made continuous progress. Our new screw compres- sors now operate effectively even in the lower capacity range for air- conditioning installations. At the same time, they offer the same high efficiency, low maintenance costs and long life as our well-known large compressors.

The secret behind the high relia- bility and low life cycle costs of

STAL-MINI is just inside the casing.

STAL-MINI has only four moving parts, as against 100 or so in a reciprocating compressor.

The screw compressor is a rotating machine with accurately balanced rotors. Consequently, vibration is virtually eliminated. In addition, the new robust design has no sensi- tive operating valves and is much more resistant to liquid carryover.

The strength of STAL-MINI lies in its simplicity.

That is why STAL-MINI is simply the best.

We assume full responsibility

Our job is to ensure that your entire installa- tion gives trouble-free operation. We have an organization that provides all the support you need. From planning to main- tenance and service. With STAL as your supplier, you have at your disposal a full range of knowhow and technical resources.

Change to more reliable airconditioning

A worn reciprocating compressor which often causes expensive operating disturb- ances is a drain on your economy and a burden for the crew. Save money and improve crew efficiency. Change to

STAL-MINI and your investment will soon pay off!


The screw compressor. Small, but strong.

For further information, please contact: STAL Refrigeration AB, S-60187 Norrkoping, Sweden. Tel.: Int. + 4611139800. Telex: 64110.


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REFRIGERATION some years. According to Mr.

Skelly, Imperial supplies 75 percent of the U.S. market for survival suits, with the remaining production split among a handful of companies.

Imperial has worked with various governing bodies, including the

Coast Guard and Underwriters Lab- oratory, in testing and developing safe standards, and is said to be the only U.S. manufacturer of survival suits to pass the Norwegian Mari- time Directorate standards, the most stringent in the world. More than 300 individuals have reported incidents where their lives were saved through the use of Imperial survival suits.

For details and free literature on these suits,

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New Calendar Now

Available From Hempel

Hempel's Industrial Coatings Inc. has announced the release of the 1986 Hempel calendar commemo- rating the classic sailing ships of the 1500 to 1900 era. These paintings by

John Gardner have been in de- mand by collectors and are now available on request until the supply is exhausted.

The Hempel calendar has been issued each year for the past 40 years. For a copy,

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BPNAP Offers Free

Color Brochure On

Products And Services

BP North America Petroleum,

Houston, Texas, is offering a free, full-color, 12-page brochure on its petroleum and petroleum-related products and services.

BP North America Petroleum

Inc. (BPNAP) is part of an interna- tional network which provides pe- troleum and petroleum-related products and services to customers around the world. The principal ac- tivities of the company include: trading crude oil and petroleum products from BPNAP offices in

New York, Houston and Los An- geles; fuel handling, storage and ter- minals at major seaboard locations; sales of marine bunker fuels at the large seaports; sales of aviation fuels at airports across the U.S.; and sales of marine lubricants to ship opera- tors and commercial fleets through- out the nation.

In addition, according to the bro- chure, BPNAP services shipowners' requirements competively, prompt- ly and efficiently. It also connects the U.S. into BP's unique worldwide bunkering network, providing rapid, competitive quotations to shipown- ers whose vessels trade in ports worldwide.

For a free copy of BP North

America Petroleum's 12-page bro- chure on their products and ser- vices,

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