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When Bunker C costs less than $40/tonne,

FE-4 fuel savings will stop making you money.

Can you wait that long?

Poor fuel economy, smoke emissions and deposit build-ups are three symp- toms with one cause: incomplete combustion.

Ferrous FE-4" Makes Fuel Burn


FE-4 accelerates combustion so fuel burns more completely before ex haust. FE-4 works on the cause of the problems at their source.

Better combustion and lower deposits put more heat to work and waste less heat up the stack.

The results? 2% to 5% improve- ment in fuel economy. Proven in operation.

Better Combustion Also Reduces

Maintenance Costs

In boilers, better combustion requires less excess air. Carbon and slag build-up don't insulate heat transfer tubes and block air passages. In diesels, cleaner rings and valves improve compression.

Cleaner burner tips and injectors improve atomization. The results?

V k Less frequent, less costly cleanouts. f A What's your cost? What's .Jk your return?

Find out with a free return on in- vestment analysis. One thing is clear, ^r In times like these, you can't afford to overlook any gains.

Ferrous FE-4 The Fuel Tool

For research reports and more information, contact K Chorlton,

Ferrous Corporation, P.O. Box TCh. Bellevue.WA 98009 (206) 454-6320 TWX 910-443-2326

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Annual Meeting — A Preview

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