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An easy way to add 16 tons of variable load

The lightweight qualities of Firetest™ 80-32 Joiner Panels can make a big difference in the variable load a vessel can handle

Among the many benefits offered by Firetest™ 80-32 Joiner Panels, you'll find the fact each 4 ' x 8 ' panel weighs 30% less than the next most competitive panel. Given the importance of variable load factors in modern marine vessel design, it's not hard to see the competitive edge such a huge weight reduction allows.

In fact, if you were to consider a typical off- shore rig, utilizing about 1,100 Joiner Panels, you would add 16 tons or more of variable load capacity. Now, that's a competitive edge.

Competitive System Sq. Foot Weights

Core System

A Rock wool/Steel faces — 5.0

B Gypsum/Steel faces 4.5 5.5

Masonite Vt" 2.13 2.96 80-32 V<" 2.69 3.5

But, there are even more reasons asbestos-free

Firetest 80-32 has rapidly become the most speci- fied core material for marine joiner panels.

Consider that they will not wick water. Panels remain stable even when exposed to moisture at the job site and after installation.

In addition, both Vi " and VA " panels meet Coast Guard Class B-15 require- ments, allowing its use in A-15 construction and as a com- ponent in A-30 and A-60 construction. !4 " Core meets A-0 requirements.

And, there are other benefits due to low density and light weight.

Panels are easier to handle and machine, with less wear and tear on equipment.

Finally, consider how easy we've made it to use Firetest 80-32 for all your Joiner Panel needs. 3 standard thicknesses, and then, our ability to laminate panels in our own facility and ship Joiner Track from the same location, puts us in a better posi- tion to meet tight construction schedules. And, to top it all off, Firetest 80-32 Joiner Panels generally cost less, lowering your initial investment costs.

Modern marine design puts a premium on variable load factors, cost and performance. It's small wonder that the most performance-minded joiner panel speci- fiers rely on one panel above all others... Firetest 80-32

Joiner Panels. Part of a growing family of interior products for the marine industry from the Marine

Business Department of Masonite Inorganic

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