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New Mono Hull Form (continued) vessel form when applied to a drill- ship application can be summarized as follows: • Excellent motion characteristics that approach those of a comparable semi-submersible. • Economical advantages in hull fabrication due to the use of straight-line framing and develop- able surfaces for a single hull. • High payload to displacement ratio when compared with a semi- submersible. The variable load (drilling supplies) of this ship is 9,000 short tons, while a comparable semi-submersible would have 4,000 short tons. • Large usable deck area in com- parison with a conventional drill- ship is a direct result of the hull con- figuration having a beam of 96 feet, compared with a drillship with a beam of 70-75 feet. This beam in- crease accommodates drilling equipment and provides ample space for storage and working pur- poses. • Safety: substantially improved intact stability characteristics at large angles when compared with a conventional drillship, thus incor- porating a major advantage of a semi-submersible. • The hull configuration provides


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Oblique View on Bow of a Scale Model

Oblique View on Stern of a Scale Model good structural integrity when com- pared with a semi-submersible.

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