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MSI '86 Courses (continued) sons (min. class)—two and a days. half

C. Using the Interactive

RVB Simulators: 1. "Radar-ARPA," five-day course for masters and chief officers ranging from a refresher on rapid radar plotting and parallel indexing to maneuvering a vessel in fog or rain squalls in restricted waters with traffic congestion. Includes coverage of the weaknesses of various sys- tems. This course includes USCG radar endorsement if desired and stated in advance—meets forthcom- ing USCG and IMO requirements for ARPA license endorsement— two to eight persons—five days. 2. "Advanced Radar-ARPA Re- fresher," this short course is in- tended for officers who are experi- enced in the use of ARPA systems.

Simulator exercises are more com-

Voith Water Tractor

Voith Technology iw--*

World records in paper production on • Voith Paper Machines.

The world's largest hydro- electric power station with • Voith Turbines.

These unique three, among other significant products, have one in common:

Voith Technology!

Highest safety, reliability and versatility in shiphandling by • Voith Water Tractors. ts 8402 e/4

USA: Voith-Schneider America Inc., (Eli Shaprut) 159 Great Neck Road (Suite 200), Great Neck. NY. 11021

Telephone: 516-4665755. Telex 510-2211864

Canada: Diamond Canapower Lid. 1122 Pioneer Road, Burlington, Ontaria L7R4A7

Telephone: 416-335 0321, Telex 061-8286

VOI J.M. Voith GmbH Marine Engineering Division Postfach 1940, D-7920 Heidenheim Tel. (073 21) 37-0, Tx. 714 799-60 VHD <• Circle 202 on Reader Service Card plicated and emphasis is on extreme situations. Two to six persons— three days. 3. "Radar Observer Endorsement

Renewal," one day renewal course including practical and written test—radar plotting practice and maneuvering decision-making on interactive ship's bridges. Meets

IMO, USCG, Canadian, Liberian and other national standards. One to eight persons—one day.

D. Using the LNG Cargo

Handling Simulator: 1. "LNG Cargo Handling Famil- iarization"—for ship's officers, ter- minal personnel and Coast Guard inspectors—uses LNG cargo han- dling simulator. Six to 10 persons—

Ave days. 2. "Advanced LNG Cargo Han- dling," for ship's officers who will be responsible for gas handling. Uses

LNG cargo handling simulator. Six to eight persons for 10 days.

E. Using the full-environ- ment Engine Room Simulator: 1. "Steam Turbine Power Plant

Familiarization," provides masters and chief mates with appreciation of engine or power failures and conse- quences. Uses full engine room sim- ulator. Four to eight persons for three days. Can be integrated with shiphandling courses. 2. "Emergency Decision-Making for Engineers," troubleshooting and handling emergencies for experi- enced engineers. Uses full engine room simulator (diesel or steam) and individual computerized trou- bleshooting practice—also includes round-table discussions on ad- vanced topics with experts. Six to eight persons for 10 days. 3. "Recognizing and Responding to Emergencies for Second and

Third Assistants," watchstanding and handling emergencies in the full engine room simulator (diesel or steam)—maximizes hands-on expe- rience. Limited to four persons— five days. 4. "Refresher course—Engine

Room Emergencies," decision-mak- ing practice for chief and first assis- tant engineers. Uses full engine room simulator (diesel or steam).

Two to six experienced engineers (min. class)—two and a half days.

For more information and a copy of the 1986 catalog from Marine-

Safety International,

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Hall Appointed Sales

Engineer At INDEECO

Margaret Hall has been pro- moted to sales engineer for INDEE-

CO (Industrial Engineering &

Equipment Company) of St. Louis.

She joined the company last year as a sales correspondent after attend- ing the University of Missouri at


In her new position, Mrs. Hall will service accounts in the indus- trial products area, specifically, air process heating, strip heating, and compressor heating applications.

She will be headquartered at IN-

DEECO's corporate office in St.

Louis, where she will report to Pat- rick Bradley, industrial products manager.

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