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Drew AMERGIZE® Tested

And Chosen For All

Ships In Major Fleet

Drew Ameroid Marine, Boonton,

N.J. recently reported that a major shipping company concluded a six- month evaluation of Drew Ameroid

Marine's AMERGIZE™ deposit modifier/combustion improver aboard one of their motor vessels with positive results. As a result of the evaluation, they have decided to utilize AMERGIZE® on all ships in their fleet on a regular basis.

The motor vessel was powered by a single Pielstick engine, Model 12PC 2-2V. The fuel normally used has a viscosity specification of 120 est at 50°C.

Prior to the use of AMERGIZE, mechanical cleaning of the valves and valve cages was required to remove hard deposits. During the course of the evaluation, valves were removed on a scheduled basis in order to inspect the amount of de- posits on the valves and valve cages.

They report that while utilizing

AMERGIZE they found only a light coating, which was easily removed.

After a full operational cycle, there was a definite improvement in the physical appearance of the valves and a savings in the amount of work needed to clean them.

For additional information about

AMERGIZE and this trial,

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International Trade Fair,

SMM '86, To Be Held In

Hamburg—Sept. 23-27

The latest worldwide develop- ments in the fields of ship and marine technology will be on display at the International Trade Fair—

Ship, Machinery, Marine Technolo- gy, SMM '86, to be held at the Ham- burg Exhibition Center, September 23-27, 1986.

The fair, which will be taking place for the 12th time next year, is one of the biggest events of its kind in the world. Among the exhibitors at the biennial event will be virtual- ly all of Europe's leading shipbuild- ing nations, as well as the shipbuild- ing industries of the U.S., Japan and

Korea along with their suppliers. In all, over 500 direct exhibitors from 25 countries will be presenting their latest developments.

Falk Fluid Couplings

Provide xSoft-Touch' —Literature Available

Falk-Sime fluid couplings now available from The Falk Corpora- tion of Milwaukee, Wis., are de- signed to provide softer starts, smoother acceleration and more controlled torque than conventional couplings.

Falk reports that the special fluid design absorbs the shock of sudden stops and starts from both the driv-

November, 1985 ing motors and the driven machine.

It said that the new Falk-Sime cou- plings permit matching the torque of the motor to the demands of the driven equipment, thus saving equipment from breakdowns and costly replacement.

Other benefits claimed for the fluid coupling include the ability to balance uneven motor loading by simply adjusting the amount of fluid, to dampen harsh vibrations, and to boost starting torque of a standard NEMA B motor by as much as 200 percent.

Falk-Sime fluid couplings are available to handle loads from 1.00 hp to 800.0 hp. There's a choice of non-delay fill and delay fill types, with options for hollow shaft/sheave output, and sheave input/hollow shaft output designs.

The Falk Corporation, subsidiary of Sundstrand Corporation, manu- factures an extensive line of en- closed and open gear drives, back- stops, fluid and shaft couplings, fluid power and variable speed drives.

For further information and a free brochure from The Falk Corpora- tion,

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