Bender Inc. Introduces New Ground Fault Detection Technology

Bender Inc. has 50 years of experience dealing with electrical safety and products that addressThe Management of Line-to-Ground Faults" in grounded, ungrounded and highresistance grounded power distribution systems.

Process continuity in ungrounded systems can be assured by monitoring the system and its loads at lineto- ground resistance sensitivities in excess of 150 megohms. Auto-tuningof system capacitance makes field setup easy and provides optimum response to a fault. Setting the setpoint remotely is now possible via RS-232/485 serial communication.

Locating the first fault in an ungrounded system is now easy and provides added operational flexibility.

The 19-inch rack-mounted system not only identifies the faulty circuit but also displays the line-toground insulation resistance for that circuit.

Solidly-grounded systems have not been neglected. Super-sensitive ground fault relays can detect leakage currents as low as 10mA in fixed installations.

The monitoring of off-line equipment such as motors and generators can now be successfully integrated into an overall ground fault detection strategy. Sensitivity at the multi-megohm level provides an early indication of a developing fault.

Costly damage to equipment can be prevented and a feeling of confidence can be gained by being in control of the operation.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 54,  Mar 1992

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