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MarAd Approves

Application To Sell

Cargo Vessels

The Maritime Administration has approved an application by the U.S.

Veterans of World War II of San

Pedro, Calif., and the National Lib- erty Ship Memorial, Inc., of San

Francisco, Calif, for permission to sell the cargo vessel Newcastle Vic- tory for scrapping.


The agency also approved an ap- plication from the U.S. Merchant

Marine Academy Foundation, Inc., and American Merchant Marine

Foundation, located at the USMMA,

Kings Point, N.Y., for permission to sell the cargo ship Kingsport for scrapping.

Both vessels will be sold to Incom

Shiptrade Limited, a British corpo- ration, for scrapping in either India,

Pakistan or Bangladesh.

MarAd determined that these groups were qualified to accept this vessel on an "as is, where is" basis under Public Law 101-595. This law authorizes the secretary of trans- portation to transfer titles of obso- lete vessels in the National Defense

Reserve Fleet to a group or groups of nonprofit organizations that would scrap the vessels and share equally in the proceeds. Proceeds would be used to acquire land, design, berth, refurbish, repair or construct a me- morial to merchant mariners.

Alan C. McClure

Associates Develops Line

Of 36-Foot Workboats

Alan C. McClure Associates, Inc., of Houston, Texas, has developed a high-speed, multi-mission work-boat for series production. The all alumi- num catamaran design has a length of 36 feet 6 inches, a beam of 14 feet and a draft of 1 foot 4 inches. The boat is equipped for trash and debris pick-up, dredging, fast-response oil spill clean-up, fir fighting, shallow water diving support and is intended for coastal and harbor service throughout the world.

The prototype design incorporates an articulated basket forward ar- ranged to collect floating debris and dump it into one of two baskets car- ried on-board. A one-ton crane can pick up large or heavy objects, and can also off-load the baskets. The vessel is equipped with a submers- ible pump and dredge head to allow dredging in shallow waters, such as marinas and waterways.

For critical response time func- tions, the vessel is outfitted with both oil spill clean-up and fire fight- ing equipment. The oil spill clean- up system uses a disc type oil skim- mer and provides for collection of 200 GPM of refined products from the water surface. Collected oil is pumped directly to a trailing barge, storage boat, or inflatable storage bladder. For firefighting duties, the vessel utilizes a fire pump/monitor system capable of producing 450

GPM at 100 psi providing 120 feet of spray. The monitor can also be used to spray dispersant or cleaning solu- tion from an onboard tank. In addi- tion, the vessel is equipped with shallow water diving support em- ploying a portable, onboard air com- pressor.

An aluminum catamaran hull was chosen to provide grater stability, convenient space between the hulls for the debris scoop and oil spill collection equipment, and to reduce the weight and wetted surface that would result from a broad-beamed monohull. The bow has a pivoted section which, when deployed, in- creases the mouth width of the cen- ter channel to approximately two- and-a-half times, which significantly improves the scope and effective- ness of debris pick-up and oil skim- ming operations. Despite its wide range of capabilities, the boat is de- signed to be simple, inexpensive, and suited to quantity production.


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