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New Cordage Directory

For Users Of Ropes

And Twines

Extensive information on the sources for rope, cordage, twines and netting has been compiled and is offered free by the Cordage Insti- tute

The directory includes capability profiles of twine, cordage, rope and netting manufacturers, fiber produc- ers, machinery manufacturers and consultants. A publications catalog listing standards and test methods is also included.

The Cordage Institute represents manufacturers of rope, cordage, twine and netting in the United

States, Canada and Mexico.

The Cordage Directory is avail- able at no charge from Cordage Pub- lications, 42 North Street, Hingham,

Mass. 02043, phone (617) 749-1016; fax 617-749-0542..

Wijsmuller Acquires

Management Contract

For Russian Heavy-Lifters

The Dutch heavy-lift specialist

Wijsmuller Transport B.V. has signed an exclusive agreement with the Russian Baltic Shipping Com- pany in St. Petersburg for the world- wide commercial management of two heavy-lift vessels, the Stakhanovets

Kotov and Stakhanovets Ermolenko.







Exclusive weight-operated design affords increased flow rates at reduced pressure drops.

Easily field tested. Servicing and cleaning requires no tools.

Can be factory equipped or field retrofitted without hotwork with

Superac Dual Float High Level and/or Overfill Alarm Sensors.

Innovative design has been exhaustively tested and is certified to meet or exceed all

USCG and ASTM F-1271 specs.

Fully automatic operation.




If you are one of those who thought there had to be a better way to monitor high level or overfill conditions.. your wait is over! Conventional linear-action single float level sensors can fail without your knowing it. ERL's

High Level and Overfill

Alarm will not reset if there has been a magnet failure, thus alerting you to a problem before its too late!

Our redundant rotary action floats coupled with latch and reset type switches raises high level and overfill sensing to a new standard of performance.

When switch opens due to high liquid level, it stays open and must be manually reset.

Indicator "eye" always annunci- ates switch position... closed or open.. .day or night. 100% Stainless Steel. 1-800-831-9510


New Albany, IN 47150 FAX 1-812-944-8808

Wijsmuller Transport now oper- ates a fleet of nine semisubmersible heavy-lift vessels. The fleet is com- posed of five vessels of the Super

Servant class, which can lift cargoes up to 13,000 tons, three vessels of the Mighty Servant class with a ca- pacity up to 25,000 tons and the

Russian-owned Transshelf which is able to carry 30,000 tons. The newly acquired Stakhanovets Kotov and

Stakhanovets Ermolenko are smaller and can lift up to 5,500 tons.

For years Wijsmuller Transport specialized in the transportation of very heavy constructions like drill- ing rigs and offshore modules. Now the company is able to extend its services and expand its markets by offering a comprehensive service package, the transportation of car- goes from 30 to 30,000 tons on a worldwide basis.

For further information

Wijsmuller Transport,

Circle 105 on Reader Service Card

Kim Weeks Named

Raytheon Marketing

Communications Manager on 42 Circle 266 on Reader Service Card

Kim Weeks

The appointment of Kim Weeks as marketing communications man- ager for all marine divisions was recently announced by Raytheon


Ms. Weeks will be responsible for supervising advertising, public relations and sales promotion for

Raytheon Marine Company, Apelco

Marine Electronics and Autohelm, all headquartered in Hudson, N.H.

She will also oversee marketing com- munications for Raytheon Marine

Sales & Service Company, the Euro- pean division based in Harlow, En- gland.

Ms. Weeks brings eight years of marine advertising and sales expe- rience in corporate, agency and pub- lishing areas to her new position.

Prior to joining Raytheon, she was marketing manager for Interna- tional Marine Industries.

Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

The semisubmersible heavy-lift/RO-RO vessel

Stakhanovets Kotov, for which Wijsmuller will handle worldwide commercial management.

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