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• Chart Display Unit (CDU) • Navigation Display

Workstation (NAVDIS) • Radars • Navigation Monitor (NAVMON) • Ship Control Station (SHIPCON) • Vessel Monitoring

Workstation (MONDIS) • Communication Workstation (COMDIS)

As part of the IBS, Radio Holland offers the new Kelvin Hughes

Nucleus radar system. This new range of radars has a simple tracker ball, with three push buttons, re- placing the conventional keyboard.

The comprehensive use of multiple colors based on IMO/IHO 1990 rec- ommendations provides an easy to view display of radar picture, select- able functions, warnings, target in- formation, and own-ship navigation data.

There are five displays available in the Nucleus range: Nucleus 6000

A Automatic Radar Plotting Aid;

Nucleus 6000 T True Motion;

Nucleus 6000 R Relative Motion;

Nucleus 5000 T True Motion; and

Nucleus 5000 R Relative Motion.

The Nucleus 6000 range has a 660 mm display providing a 340 mm radar picture, while the 5000 range has a 500 mm display and 250 mm radar picture.

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Radio Holland Group,

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Technology, creativity, efficiency.

To be a leader all over the world seas.

It's the strategic choice of a Company constantly seeking high quality and advanced technologic solutions.

With the conversion of Costa Riviera, Clodia and Ferruzzi bulk carriers and with the rebuilding of Costa Marina,

Mariotti is a leader in international ship's repairing.

Mariotti: an image of creativity, efficiency, perfect organization.

Since 1928 an efficient and flexible organization, the ability of Technicians, worker's teams highly skilled, have entailed Mariotti to be appreciated all over the world.

Repairs and conversions of all kind of ships.

General overhaulings of main auxiliary engines, mechanical equipment.

Dry dock works, installation of machinery and equipment.

Steelworks, pipeworks.


Engineering workshop - Ship's repair and completing

Calata Chiappella. Genova (Porto) - Tel. 010/24081 - Telefax 010/240824 - Telex 270329

Metos Marine Supplies

Galley Equipment

To Cruise Ships

Over the years, Finland's Metos

Marine has supplied galleys to over 800 ships around the world, ranging from tugs to the most modern cruise ships. Metos Marine, which special- izes in on-board catering, operates as an independent unit of the Inter- national Instrumentarium Corpo- ration.

The company's business, which had a turnover of $430 million in 1990, revolves around creating func- tional on-board catering systems, ranging from individual pieces of galley equipment up to a restaurant business concept.

Some of the passenger vessels supplied with Metos Marine galley equipment include: the M/S

Cinderella, a cruise ferry operating in the Baltic Sea; the M/S Sally

Caravelle; and the SWATH cruise ship SSC Radisson Diamond, which will enter service later this year.

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Vecom Introduces New

Microbe Cleaner

The Dutch chemicals and clean- ing products group Vecom recently introduced a new sanitation system treatment and cleaner for ships—

Microbe Treat L. It will keep sanita- tion systems in optimum operational conditions and assist in maintain- ing drains, traps and lines clean and clog-free.

Sensitive to pollution related is- sues, Vecom focused its research towards a product likely to stay har- monious with environmental re- quirements well into the future. In addition, Microbe Treat L has been prepared specifically for maritime operating conditions and poses no hazard for the ship's crew.

In detail it's a uniquely-formu- lated liquid blend of naturally-oc- curring, non-genetically engineered living aerobic and anaerobic bacte- ria that are specially selected and adapted for their ability to produce enzymes that will degrade sanita- tion waste.

All the bacteria used are sub- jected to stringent antibiotic screen- ing to ensure that they are safe to use.

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