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Keppel Shipyard

Completes $30 Million

Conversion Of Tanker

Keppel Shipyard, a major operating divi- sion of Keppel Corporation Limited, has suc- cessfully converted Skua Venture (formerly

TT Lympia), a 135,103-dwt turbine tanker into a floating production storage offloading facility (FPSO).

Worth about $30 million, the conversion was awarded to Keppel Shipyard by BHP

Petroleum (BHP) of Australia, against com- petition from local and overseas yards.

A significant operation in the conversion of

Skua Venture was the installation of a 260- ton rigid arm for the mooring system at the forecastle deck of the vessel. More than 120 tons of underdeck steel reinforcement were fabricated and installed in the bow area to support the rig arm.

Another major conversion project com- pleted by Keppel this year includes the

Sovietskaya Rossiya, a former whaling vessel converted into one of the world's largest fish factory ships.


Acquires Conver-Osr GmbH

MacGregor-Navire, the marine division of the Kone Corporation has acquired Conver-

Osr GmbH, one of the marine industry's fore- most designers and suppliers of cargo secur- ing systems. The German company is based in Bremen.

Conver-Osr's 'know-how' in cargo lashing systems and also their technical, consulting and engineering skills can only enhance and strengthen the group's total capacity, giving the international marine industry the benefit of an accumulation of experience and technol- ogy.

Robert Bock, the founder of Conver-Osr will act as consultant and will be chairman of the advisory board. Their goals for the future include the development of lashing technol- ogy to the benefit of the shipowner, utilizing the highly skilled team of naval architects and technicians already existing within the company.

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Tracor Receives $28.9 Million Contract

Tracor Applied Sciences, Inc., a subsidiary of Tracor, Inc., was recently awarded a five- year contract with a total potential value of $28.9 million by the Naval Regional Con- tracting Center, Philadelphia, Pa., to provide technical and engineering services in support of the U.S. Navy electronic communication systems for the Naval Electronic Systems

Engineering Activity (NESEA), St. Inigoes,

Md. These systems include shipboard radio communications, mobile and airborne com- munications systems, and the fixed shore terminations of these systems.

Tracor has supported fleet communication systems at NESEA since 1975.

March, 1992

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