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New Membrane Care

Skid Introduced

By Lifestream

Lifestream Watersystems Inc., a

Huntington, Calif., manufacturer of water purification equipment and accessories, specializing in reverse osmosis seawater and brackish wa- ter units for marine applications, recently introduced a new product designed to make cleaning and pres- ervation of membranes used in Re- verse Osmosis water purification equipment much easier.

The membrane care skid consists of a mixing tank, flow meters, valves, thermostatically controlled heater, a pump and a motor. This facilitates safe and easy mixing of cleaning chemicals, insures proper delivery of solutions to the membrane/pressure vessel assembly and safeguards against high temperatures and ex- cess flow rate which both can be potentially damaging to membranes. "We have seen the lifetime of sea- water membranes exceeding 5 years with proper care," said Ed Kimmel, president of Lifestream. "The use of our membrane care skid will assist in prolonging the life of this expen- sive component of an R.O. system."

For free literature detailing the new membrane care skid from

Lifestream Watersystems,

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Target Detection.

Using increased signal-to-noise levels, high dynamic range, precisely matched pulse bandwidths, and exclusive Rain

Rate circuits, PATHFINDER/ST receiv- ers faithfully capture target returns even in severe clutter.

PATHFINDER/ST multistage processing analyzes, compares, tests, and samples the received signal so that all detected targets, no matter how weak in signal strength, are distinguished from clutter and clearly displayed.

From the control panels through the computer, transmitter, and receiver-and then in five steps leading to the CRT-

Raytheon's exclusive Superior Technology provides sharp, bright radar pictures virtually free of clutter.

PATHFINDER/ST ARPA: 34-cm or 25-cm

PPI's (16" or 12" diagonal CRT IMO equivalents), provide automatic tracking of up to 40 targets with vectors and readouts for most dangerous 20. Have auto and manual acquisition, and unique trial maneuvers.

PATHFINDER/ST TM/EP: 34-cm or 25-cm

PPI's (16" or 12" diagonal CRT IMO equivalents), have True and Relative

Motion displays. Electronic Plotting, course, speed, bearing, range, CPA, and

TCPA for two selected targets.

Simple Installation and Flexible System

Configuration. Raytheon PATHFINDER7ST Radar. Superior Technology Provides

Superior Target Detection.

True Motion with

Electronic Plotting or ARPA.

Raytheon sets radar performance stan- dards for the 21st century with technolo- gy breakthroughs that virtually eliminate noise, interference and clutter, while rec- ognizing and displaying even weak tar- gets typically lost on other radars.

The heart of this improved radar system is Raytheon's exclusive five-stage signal processing... we call it Superior


ST for short.

Combined with higher performance transmitters and receivers, and the latest raster displays, ST provides performance levels never before available. Now, with

PATHFINDER/ST, your vessels-and their crews-can have an important extra mea- sure of safety and efficiency, including a unique Safety-Coded CPA Circle, which shows course selections for safest CPAs.

PATHFINDER/ST is available as an

ARPA or a True Motion/Relative Motion display with Electronic Plotting. These displays can easily retrofit the displays in older Raytheon Bright Display Radar

Systems, and can be high-performance repeaters for radars of most other manufacturers.


Tests Prove


Radars See What

Other Radars Can't.

In side-by-side comparison tests, a

PATHFINDER/ST display and a conven- tional radar display were connected to the same radar system. PATHFINDER/ST consistently displayed targets not detec- ted by the conventional display.

PATHFINDER/ST Radars satisfy a very wide range of installation and operating requirements. Signal multi- plexing reduces connections between

PATHFINDER/ST receivers and dis- plays. This, combined with electronic interswitching for dual systems, the abil- ity to mount transceivers "up" in antenna pedestals, or "down" in separate cabi- nets, and keyboard entry of all set-up parameters, makes any installation straightforward, simple, and economical.

In addition to having the optional IMO- required, antenna-mounted performance monitors, PATHFINDER/ST Radar soft- ware provides menus for extensive self- testing of virtually every function.



Elizabeth Way, The Pinnacles

Harlow, Essex CM19 5AZ UK (0279) 444244

Telex 81444

Telefax: (0279) 444223


Hudson, NH 03051 USA 603-881-5200 Telex 681-7529

Telefax: 603-881-4756

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Atlas Wins $10.8 Million

Contract For Main Galleys

On Carnival Superliners

Atlas Marine Services, Inc. of

Miami, Fla., has been awarded a $ 10.8 million contract by Kvaerner

Masa-Yards of Helsinki, Finland to deliver the main galleys aboard

Carnival Cruise Lines' latest 70,000-ton superliners M/S Sen- sation and M/S Fascination. At- las will manufacture all of the custom stainless steel galley equipment and supply cooking and dishwashing equipment for each of these ships.

According to Atlas's managing director Michael J. Cassaras, this is the first time a U.S. com- pany has been awarded the turn- key main galley contract for a cruise ship built outside the U.S.

Atlas's subcontractor in Fin- land, AP-Putki, an independent unit of the AP-Group, will build the galleys from the foundations inward and install equipment pro- vided by Atlas.

Carnival and the majority of other cruise lines are based in the greater Miami area. Atlas's prox- imity makes it easy for their per- sonnel to work with the Atlas team throughout a project. Atlas worked with Carnival staff dur- ing the design phase of the

Fantasy's main galley and pro- vided custom stainless steel equip- ment for the Fantasy and Ecstasy,

Carnival's newest superliners.

AP-Putki completed the main gal- ley installation aboard the Fan- tasy and built the entire main galley on the Ecstasy. Anna

Maija Saarnio, Atlas's sales rep- resentative in Finland who coor- dinated food service equipment installation aboard the Fantasy and Ecstasy, will coordinate in- stallation efforts on the new ships.

Atlas Marine Services Inc. spe- cializes in the design and manu- facture of food service equipment for maritime use. Its service in- cludes working with customers to help them select the best outside vendors' equipment for a project.

Atlas field service teams travel worldwide to perform repairs and renovations. Shipyards and ven- dors located outside the U.S. use

Atlas extensively to perform guar- antee work aboard ships.

To learn more about Atlas's products and services,

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Finnyards To Build RO/RO

Worth $87 Million

Finland's Finnyards Ltd. has re- ceived an order from France's

Compagnie Meridionale de Navi- gation for a RO/RO ship worth about $86.9 million.

The vessel is one of two destined for service between the French mainland and Corsica, for which

Meridionale issued a joint tender with Societe Nationale Maritime

Corse-Mediterranee (SNCM).

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