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relieved from making adaptions to changing environmental conditions to achieve optimum navigation.


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New navaid developments from

Atlas Elektronik of America (for- merly Krupp Atlas Elektronik) in- clude the Atlas 9600 series of ARPA and TM radars designed for stand- alone or integrated use. Featuring a fourfold increase in display resolu- tion, enhanced reliability and ease of operation, as well as maintenance, units permit direct input from posi- tioning receivers with own-ship po- sition displayed referenced to lat/ long grids.

Track control and additional op- tions for integration are also avail- able together with route planning facilities, for which a large number of maps can be compiled and edited.

Keyboard-type front panels are sepa- rable from indicator consoles for added versatility of operation and installation.


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AT&T, a leader in shipboard com- munications technology, offers the

AT&T Defmity 75 Shipboard Tele- phone System, which provides a state-of-the-art solution for the com- munication requirements of both military and commercial vessels.

Designed for harsh environmen- tal conditions, with thousands in service worldwide in both commer- cial and military applications, the

Defmity 75 is designed for compat- ibility with equipment such as touch- tone and rotary telephone sets, se- cure terminals, satellite communi- cations and shore-based telephone systems. It can also be configured for use with fiber optic systems and local area networks.

Custom-tailored for shipboard applications, the Definity system has custom circuitry and international software. These provide the connec- tivity needed for full-featured com- munications at any world port.

Offered with a variety of tele- phone handsets, the Definity 75 is also easily maintained by ship per- sonnel with minimal training. An easy-to-use keyboard and video dis- play screen allow quick identifica- tion and repair of any system troubles.


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For marine operators of all types,

CallAboard is an excellent solution for offshore environments where public phone service is desired.

Using modern cellular technology,

CallAboard answers the needs of companies working within the ma- rine industry including operators of ferryboats, oil platforms, marine construction projects, gambling boats, barges, etc.

CallAboard allows callers to dial anywhere in the world and bill the entire call to a major credit card or phone company calling card, as well as make collect calls through the

CallAboard live operator network.

The vessel or platform operators never receive any bills or user calls.

In addition, Cellnet pays commis- sions based on percentages of the monthly gross cellular airtime rev- enue which is generated. This ser- vice is available in most coastal ar- eas of the U.S. Service in certain foreign markets is also available.


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COMSAT Mobile Communica- tions recently announced its plans for a new digital satellite voice com- munications service. Ronald

Mario, president of COMSAT Mo- bile Communications, said this new service will be introduced this year to provide brand new communica- tions options to small and medium-

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Also available: the eight-channel

HX340 UHF or VHF.


If all you want in a marine hand- held VHF is portability, maybe the Horizon HX220AS is too good.

Sure it meets the industry guidelines for explosive environ- ment applications. But it also has the punch you get from six watts of transmitting power, full-on microprocessor control, gold bat- tery contacts for reliability, gen- erous moisture protection, and careful, intelligent engineering.

It receives all U.S., Canadian and international channels as well as 10 weather channels, and can be programmed to scan any number or combination of them automatically.

One-touch channel selection as well as direct access to chan- nel 16 and the weather channels is so easy it can be done in heavy gloves. The LCD display is over- sized and backlit. And options like the external speaker/micro- phone which allows hands-free operation make it ideal for tank- ers, tenders and oil rigs.

The HX220AS is a lot of radio in a remarkably small and light- weight package. To find out more about it, or about Stan- dard's intrinsically-safe eight- channel HX340 UHF and VHF handhelds, call or write today.

Just to be on the safe side.

Nothing takes to water like Horizon. t Standard $ Communications

P.O. Box 92151

Los Angeles, CA 90009-2151

Telephone: (310) 532-5300

Represented in Canada by:

CARDON, Hamilton. Ontario 416/527-1040

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