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distance); input—NMEA 0183 (depth alarm) up to 20 different lin- earization/calibration points; inte- grated stop watch; and program- mable time constant/dampings.


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Racal Survey's SkyFix service allows users to make the most effec- tive use of GPS. With an accuracy of 3-5 meters, it is suitable for many applications, including positioning for seismic exploration, rig moves and construction projects. Differen- tial correction data are generated at strategically located multiple refer- ence stations to maximize the effec- tive coverage of SkyFix.

The main feature of the Racal

Survey SkyFix service is the use of

Inmarsat communications satellites as the datalinks. The enhanced range of2,000 kilometers for SkyFix is limited only by the range from the reference station over which the derived corrections remain valid and not by the range of a terrestrial datalink system.

A major advantage for users is that a single vessel equipment in- stallation will handle operations within the SkyFix coverage any- where in the world. Coverage has recently been enhanced with the installation of reference stations in

Houston, Tampa and San Francisco.

SkyFix DGPS is part of a large array of Racal Survey's precise posi- tioning services and equipment, in-

High-skew propeller for frigate, designed for silent operation. (4.2 m diameter, 19180 kW, 31.6 knots)

Propeller for car-passenger ferry. Experimental tunnel tliruster propeller with 8 blades (5.0 m diameter, 26470 kW, 31 knots) for silent operation.

Propeller for patrol vessel. High skew type for low noise and Impeller for water-jet propulsion of 75 m yacht. One type 160 minimized vibrations. (1.6 m diameter, 2030 kW, 24.5 knots) booster unit rated at 13800 kW, two type 112 units rated at 3680 kW for cruising, steering and reversing.

Propeller adapted for tip fins. Heavy duty propellers for trawlers, tugs and coasters.

Tunnel thruster propeller with high-skew blades for silent operation. (1.1-3.3 m diameter, 310-3500 kW)

High-skew fixed pitch propeller for a chemical-tanker. (6.2 m diameter, 10.400 kW, 16,7 knots) aMeWa Canada Inc., 113 Cushman Road 55, ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, L2M 6S9. 'elephone: 1-416/6844301. Telefax 1-416/6847381. aMeWa USA Inc., 3801 S.W. 47th Avenue, Suite 507, FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl. 33314. elephone: 1-305/5812780. Telefax 1-305/5812785.

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KaMeWa AB,

Box 1010, S-681 29 Kristinehamn, Sweden.

Tel int +46 550 840 00. Fax +46 550 181 90.

Telex 660 50 kamewa s. eluding Hyper-Fix, Micro-Fix and

System 880 for the commercial, gov- ernment and defense markets.


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Radio Holland, distributor of

Kelvin Hughes equipment in the

U.S., recently unveiled the Kelvin

Hughes' integrated bridge, featur- ing the new Nucleus 6000A ARPA radar system.

The main components of the inte- grated bridge system are: the elec- tronic chart workstation (ECDIS);

Nucleus 6000A automatic radar plot- ting aid (ARPA); navigation display workstation (NAVDIS); navigation monitor (NAVMON); ship control station (SHIPCON); communication workstation (COMDIS); vessel moni- toring workstation (MONDIS); elec- tronic chart table (ECTAB); data logger backup unit; data logging printer; and A3 plotter.

The design of the integrated bridge system is directed toward improving efficiency and productiv- ity, reducing bridge manning to "single manning," while promoting higher standards of operational safety.

The design and layout of the sys- tem can be compared to that of a modern airline cockpit with its mas- ter control and subcontrol positions.


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The world's first fully equipped

GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) radio stations— the German gas tanker Altergas, and Norwegian gas tanker Helice— are 100 percent Raytheon Marine

Company/JRC installations. This includes MF/HF and VHF radio, and

Inmarsat-A/Inmarsat-C SES satel- lite communications systems pro- viding automated and semi-auto- mated voice and printed message communication. Raytheon and JRC claim they are the only companies that can supply a complete range of

GMDSS products now, all made by one manufacturer.

Of key importance in the GMDSS products is the MF/HF radio equip- ment (JSS-720) which features au- tomatic Maritime Safety Informa- tion (MSI) reception, Digital Selec- tive Calling (DSC) message alerts, message calls by DSC, and hard- copy NBDP messages. Because DSC greatly simplifies use and allows for unattended operation, listening watches are no longer necessary, and training requirements are greatly reduced. Equipment can be operated remotely, with a single con- trol unit, from the bridge.

Designed to meet GMDSS, the

JHS-31 VHF radiotelephone with

DSC provides ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication over all

U.S., Canadian and international channels. 71

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