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Carsten Peters Becomes

President Of Raytheon

Marine Company

Carsten H. Peters was recently named presi- dent of Raytheon Marine Company, headquar- tered in Hudson, New Hampshire. He returns to the United States after three years in Europe as managing director, Raytheon Marine Sales &

Service Company. Mr. Peters brings extensive sales and engineering experience to the top post, with over 25 years within the marine electronics field, 10 of these with Raytheon Marine Com- pany. Prior to his most recent position as manag- ing director he was Raytheon's marketing man- ager for North American operations.

Mr. Peters succeeds Stanley L. Clark who will assume the newly created position of group executive, commercial electronics group, at

Raytheon Company headquarters in Lexington,

Mass. Mr. Peters will be succeeded by Robert

Strouts, who will take on the position of acting general manager, Raytheon Marine Sales & Ser- vice Company, at their headquarters in the United


New Vessel Management

Program Introduced

By Watercom

Watercom officials recently announced the availability of a new software program designed to electronically record and maintain business information on board boats. The new product,

PC-TRAP, is user friendly, can replace hand written logs and can transmit information to shore side offices.

PC-TRAP uses pre-formatted forms, and the menu driven program includes deck log informa- tion, crew log information, tow diagrams (barge arrangements), pickup/drop-off7exchange orders, fuel logs, phone directory and electronic mailbox messaging. In addition, the program can be customized for other forms as required by the user.

With PC-TRAP, information is entered in the computer and stored. It can then be modem- accessed by the office 24-hours-a-day using the

Watercom telephone system. Transmissions are easy-to-read and can also be printed out on board.

PC-TRAP joins Watercom's other communica- tions services and products which include Auto- mated Vessel Tracking System (ATVS). ATVS is a service which automatically pinpoints boat or fleet locations anywhere along the 4,000 miles of waterways Watercom serves. In addition, the company's one-of-a-kind, direct-dial telephone system offers voice service, data transmission, facsimile capabilities, credit card calling for crew members, low nighttime rates and other benefits to companies doing business on America's rivers.

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Nick Scotland Appointed

Manager, Jotun Marine

Coatings Worldwide

Nick Scotland, managing director of Jotun-

Henry Clark Ltd. since 1985, was recently ap- pointed director (marine) for the Jotun Protec- tive Coatings Group and is now also responsible for the marketing of Jotun marine coatings world- wide.

An ex-Royal Navy submarine officer, he joined

Jotun-Henry Clark in 1976 as an executive sales manager, and later served the Jotun group both in the USA and Singapore as managing director of Jotun NOF (Pte) Ltd.

Jotun has become synonymous with high qual- ity in products, people and service. The 1991 worldwide sales of marine coatings exceeded $178 million, and the future objective of the company is to continue to offer their marine customers with a first class service.

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Final Main Pass Project:

Marks 44 Installations

In The Gulf For 1991

McDermott Marine Construction recently com- pleted the installation of the Freeport-McMoRan

Resource Partners' Main Pass sulfur, oil and natural gas development when it set the final two bridges in the 18 platform complex.

The installation bring to 44 the number of structures set in the Gulf of Mexico by McDermott during 1991.

Three separate platforms will be used to de- velop Freeport- McMoRan's oil and natural gas reserves at Main Pass. The entire complex stretches 1.1 miles across the Gulf of Mexico.

In December, McDermott set a record for what is believed to be the heaviest dual barge lift in the world when it installed the 5,450-ton power plant module for the complex.

McDermott's Derrick Barge 50 and Derrick

Barge 51 made a tandem lift of the module, which will supply thermal and electric power to operate the complex.

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