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The largest marine diesel offered by Deere is the six-cylinder 400 Se- ries 6076AFM. The in-line four- cycle model boasts 250 hp at 2,200 rpm as main propulsion and 187 kw at 1,800 for genset usage.

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The Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors produces diesel power for marine propulsion, offshore and land-based oil well drill- ing rigs, power generation and other industries.

A complete line of GM/EMD en- gines is available to met require- ments for marine propulsion and marine generator set applications.

A complete power package with en- gine, reverse-reduction gear or gen- erator and accessories is available from EMD power products distribu- tors worldwide. The propulsion units are also available without skid mounting for direct application to the vessel structure.

For marine propulsion, EMD of- fers eight-, 12-, and 16-cylinder

Roots Blown 645E6 Series engines and eight-, 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder turbocharged 645F7B and 710G7A diesels. The Roots Blown models offer a power range from 1,050 to 2,100 at 900 rpm, while turbo- charged models have outputs from 1,600 to 4,200 at 800 rpm nd 1,700 to 4,500 at 900 rpm.

For genset applications, EMD engines cover a continuous output range from 745 to 3,220 kw at 60 Hz- 900 rpm and 570 to 2,865 kw at 50

Hz-750 rpm.

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Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz (KHD), one of the world's largest manufacturers of air-cooled engines, has introduced a new liquid-cooled engine series, the FM 1012/1013, with an integral or separate cooling system.

The company sees its role as a totally integrated supplier to plant and equipment manufacturers and, with its ranges of air-cooled, air-/oil- cooled and new liquid-cooled diesel engines, alongside its broad range of medium and large water-cooled prime movers from 10 kw to 7,500 kw (13 to 10,058 hp), will be able to satisfy an enormous variety of ship- building and power generation ap- plications.

Certain models of the new series will start coming off the standard production lines by the end of this year. The complete new generation of 1012/1013 engines, with power outputs from 45 to 190 kw (60 to 255 hp) will be generally available by mid-1994.

Also offered by Deutz MWM, a subsidiary of the KHD Group, are:

TBD 234 Series, with outputs rang- ing from 141 to 1,224 hp; TBD 234Y

Series, with outputs as high as 1,400 hp; TBD 604B Series, with outputs up to 2,630 hp; 628 Series, with outputs up to 3,600 hp; 640 Series, with outputs to 9,467 hp; and the 645 Series, with power outputs to 5,202 hp.

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Krupp MaK markets medium- speed diesel engines in the power range from 1,073 to 14,751 hp. The

German engine builder offers four different series, both as in-line and "V" configurations, with speeds be- tween 425 and 1,000 rpm.

The goal of the current Krupp

MaK C engine program is to incor- porate the latest developments to improve economy, operational safety and exhaust emissions.

Krupp MaK recently added the

M 20 engine series to its medium- speed diesel line.

The M 20 is a long-stroke engine with 200 mm diameter and a stroke of 300 mm in the output range from 900 to 2,700 kw (1,207 to 3,621 hp) at 1,000 rpm. The M 20 is available in six, 8 and 9 cylinders in-line and 12 and 16 cylinders in a "V" configu- ration with speeds between 900 to 1,000 rpm.

The M 20 is geared toward coastal and inland vessels both as main propulsion and auxiliary power ap- plications.

Krupp MaK reports the fuel con- sumption to be about 183 g/kwh.

The new model is suitable for both main propulsion and auxiliary power and can be operated on all established grades of heavy fuel oil.

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MAN B&W is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAN

Aktiengesellschaft Munchen and a leading manufacturer and designer of two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines and exhaust gas turbocharg- ers.

MAN B&W has facilities in

Augsburg and Hamburg, Germany, and Copenhagen, Frederikshavn and Holeby, Denmark, as well as over 30 licensees around the world.

At the Augsburg Works, 20/27, 25/30,32/36,40/45,40/54,48/60,52/ 55 B and 58/64 Series medium-speed four-stroke marine diesel engines are manufactured, with a power range of 610 to 19,000 hp. Dual fuel engines with an output range from 550 to 2,205 hp are also built, as well as exhaust gas turbochargers for two- and four-stroke engines.

The company's four-stroke diesel engine program has been developed to meet the market requirements of: lower fuel consumption; lower lube oil consumption; longer times be- tween overhauls; and simplified en- gine maintenance.

Facilities at Copenhagen manu- facture MC, L-MC, K-MC and S-MC

Series slow-speed two-stroke diesel engines for marine and stationary applications in the output range from 1,350-67,080 hp.

The Holeby Works manufactures and four-stroke diesel gensets for seagoing, coastal and fishing ves- sels in the power range from 720- 5,400 hp, while the Frederikshavn

Works offers complete model 28/32 and 23/30 Alpha propulsion systems and Alphatronic electronic remote control systems.

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B&W Diesel's complete marine en- gine line,

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A leading manufacturer of high- speed diesels, MTU offers liquid- cooled, compact four-stroke engines.

Over 53,000 units are in operation, 16,000 of which are serving in main propulsion or ship service applica- tions.

MTU's marine engine program includes five engine series: 099,183, 396,595 and 1163. Propulsion power ratings for the engines range from 71 to 8,160 hp.

The 099 and 183 series both com- prise turbocharged, turbocharged/ intercooled or naturally aspirated variants. The 099 series consists of 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines, offering a broad marine power spec- trum from 70 to 190 hp.

The 183 Series features 8-, 10-, and 12-cylinder "V" engines, with power from 229 to 738 hp.

The 396 Series includes 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder turbocharged and intercooled diesels offering power ratings from 912 to 3,004 hp at speeds between 1,650 and 2,000 rpm.

The new 595 Series has been de- veloped by MTU to meet "the com- mercial ship operator's technical and economical requirements of the 1990s." The series includes high- performance 12- and 16-cylinder marine models in the power range from 2,655 to 4,828 hp.

The most powerful engines of- fered by MTU, the 1163 Series, have an output range covering from 3,259 to 8,046 hp. Models are available in 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder "V" configu- rations.

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In response to market demands,

New Sulzer Diesel Ltd., a leading manufacturer of two- and four- stroke diesels, has designed their engines to meet the following crite- ria: reliability; fuel economy; cost- efficient design and low emissions.

The company's low-speed engine program comprises two basic mod- els—the RTA-8 Series and the RTA- 2 Series. The RTA-8 Series are suitable for relatively fast vessels that have a limited draft and re- stricted propeller diameter. The

RTA-2 Series, on the other hand, is suitable for relatively slow ships for which optimum sailing speed is de- pendent upon such factors as fuel costs, capital costs and value of trans- ported goods.

New Sulzer Diesel's four-stroke engine program includes—the ZA40,

AT25, AS25 and S20.

The ZA40S engine has become one of the most popular in its class for marine and power generation applications. Over 240 ZA40S en- gines, totaling 2.29 million bhp have been ordered since their introduc- tion in 1985.

The AT25, upgraded in 1987 in order to obtain full heavy fuel capa- bility and fuel efficiency, incorpo- rates the latest state-of-the-art de- sign features for engines of its class.

The long-stroke S20 engine, launched in 1988, is the smallest member of the Sulzer diesel engine family. Offered in in-line models with four, six, eight and nine cylin- ders, the S20 offers 700 to 1,960 bhp at speeds from 720 to 1,000 rpm.

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Sulzer Diesel two- and four-stroke engines,

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