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Volvo Penta include: the TAMD 71 and TAMD 61, with power ratings as high as 357 hp; the TMD 31 and 41, with power output as high as 200 hp; and the smaller two-cylin- der 2002 and three-cylinder 2003 models.

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Penta workboat engines,

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Wartsila Diesel North America,

Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of the

Wartsila Diesel Group, recently con- solidated its operational functions for North America and the Carib- bean in Chestertown, Md.

Eight regional sales and service facilities are located across the U.S.

With the expanding technical and marketing staff and the integration of Wartsila Diesel, Stork-Wartsila

Diesel and SACM Diesel businesses, the company has made a strong com- mitment to the North America mar- ket.

In 1990, Wartsila Diesel North

America, Inc., purchased the Power

System Division of Morrison

Knudsen, now MKW Power Sys- tems, Inc. In addition to marketing and servicing General Motors

Corporation's EMD diesel engines,

MKW Power Systems packages

Wartsila Diesel engine systems, pro- viding North America customers with U.S. engineered and installed components on fast turnaround schedules.

The Wartsila Diesel Group is a leading manufacturer of medium- speed engines, with power outputs up to 22,000 bhp and 16,000 kw.

The Wartsila family of engines in- clude: the Vasa 22, 32 and 46; the

SACM Diesel UD 45, 33, 30, 25, 23, and 18; the Stork-Wartsila Diesel

SW 280, TM 410 and 620; Wartsila

Nohab 25; and the Wartsila

Wichmann 28.

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Prompted by prospects presented by the Navy's Sealift program,

Westinghouse, a leading supplier of advanced propulsion systems for the

U.S. Navy, has teamed with New

Sulzer Diesel Ltd., a leading sup- plier of medium-speed diesel en- gines for large ships, to provide die- sel propulsion. Through its

Westinghouse Marine Division,

Westinghouse will supply low-speed

RTAtype and medium-speed ZA40S model diesel engines.

The ZA40S generates up to 19,000 bhp, satisfying high power concen- tration and minimum space require- ments, and allows engineering flex- ibility through the easy integration of high- and low-power engine com- binations. Equally important, indi- vidual Sulzer Z-type engine operat- ing times exceed 98,000 hours.

With more than 300 ZA40S en- gines in operation or on order, this modern engine has proven itself to be rugged, highly reliable, and effi- cient. It provides long intervals between overhauls, long range en- durance, true heavy fuel capability, and consistently low lubricating oil consumption.

More than 1,215 Sulzer RTA en- gines are in service or on order.

These engines represent the latest in diesel engine technology, ensur- ing cost-effective propulsion for

Navy and commercial ships.

The excellent performance of

Sulzer low-speed RTA engines is the result of innovative, new piston ring and cylinder liner technology that ensures longer intervals be- tween overhauls. In addition, this engine's low-speed, direct-drive con- figuration produces up to 62,400 bhp within an engine range of 54 to 196 rpm.

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Westinghouse diesel engine pro- gram,

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Stewart & Stevenson Services,

Inc., with branches in Harvey, La., and Houston, Texas, is one of the world's largest distributors of De- troit Diesel and General Motors-Circle 261 on Reader Service Card

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