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tank for keel-cooled boats.

Over 5,600 Cummins distribu- tors and dealers serving 153 coun- tries provide sales and service sup- port for Cummins diesels. This or- ganization ensures the availability of service specialists and parts stock around the world.

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A substantial investment plan is being undertaken by Italian ship- builder and diesel engine manufac- turer Fincantieri at its Trieste facil- ity in the areas of design, produc- tion and research and development.

Fincantieri, which is a shareholder of New Sulzer Diesel, builds Sulzer

RTA low-speed and ZA40S medium- speed diesels at the plant, as well as its own Grandi Motori Trieste (GMT) model medium-speed en- gines. Fincantieri has focused its development plans on upgrading the power of the GMT 550BL and GMT

A320 models. The GMT A320 is expected to be upgraded from 500 bhp to 600 bhp by extending its stroke from 360 mm to 390 mm.

Also part of the Fincantieri Group is high-speed diesel manufacturer

Isotta Fraschini. Suitable for pro- pulsion aboard corvettes, fast patrol craft, harbor tugs, fireboats, or other sdH




COUNT ON COMSAT'S C-UNK 10 DELIVER THE GOODS*? " iel a • , 1 , to- - :


Setting the Standard in Global Data


Service for

Commercial Fishing.

Delivering your next big load on schedule demands all sorts of up-to-the-minute infor- mation. With COMSATs new CLink tech- nology, commercial fishermen will be able to avail themselves of high quality, reliable sat- com services in a cost-effective, data format.

Navigational, safety and weather reports, electronic mail, as well as news and informa- tion services are all accessible to COMSAPs

C-Link customers via their on-board computers.

COMSAPs C-Link satellite communica- tions service is an enhanced INMARSAT

Standard-C data messaging service available only through COMSAPs coast earth stations.

It utilizes small, inexpensive, commercially available satellite terminals.

It offers true global communications access, 24 hours a day, at a surprisingly affordable price. The marketplace won't wait. And when it comes to getting the maritime information you need, neither should you. *ff| COMSAT.

Maritime Sen/ices

Communications Satellite Corporation 950 L'Enfant Plaza, S.W.

Washington, D.C. 20024

Telex: 197800

Facsimile: 1-202-488-3814

Telephone: 1-202-863-6567

Toll Free: 1-800-424-9152 (USA Only) similar vessels, Isotta Fraschini's

ID 36 is a compact high-speed diesel with excellent power-to-weight characteristics.

A pair of low-magnetic model

ID36-AM diesels provide propulsion power aboard the U.S. Navy's

Coastal Minehunter (MHC) Class.

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Great Lakes Towing

Overhauls Army Tug,

Expands Yard Facilities

The Shipyard Division of The

Great Lakes Towing Company,

Cleveland, Ohio, recently completed the drydocking and overhaul of the

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tug


The work was completed on sched- ule and included tank and under- water hull inspection/preservation, using the yard's 250-ton-capacity floating drydock, and topside modi- fications to the galley, and engine control system.

The company's Shipyard Division has established a reputation for the quality and competitive repair and overhaul of Coast Guard, Corps of

Engineers and commercial vessels.

Originally established to maintain the company's fleet of 50 tugboats, the shipyard now services all types of vessels. Future work includes the drydocking and repair of the

CG's 180-foot cutter Bramble and two sightseeing boats.

The Army Corps of Engineers tug Forney, recently drydocked and overhauled by The Great Lakes

Towing Company's Shipyard Division.

The division's facilities will ex- pand with the December 31, 1992 acquisition of the present Merce-

East Shipyard site and former G&W

Industries facility located on the

Cuyahoga River. The new facilities will enable the company to perform topside winter work and to berth larger vessels, including lake carri- ers, for major steel fabrication work.

For additional information about

Great Lakes Towing and the ser- vices offered by its Shipyard Divi- sion,

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