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FMC Seeks Comments

On Exempting Military

Rates From '84 Ship Act

The Federal Maritime Commis- sion (FMC) has issued an Advance

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) to solicit comments from the public regarding whether mili- tary rates should be exempted or made fully subject to the filing re- quirements of section 8, and possi- bly section 10, of the 1984 Shipping


If the FMC's treatment of mili- tary rates is seen as making mean- ingful comparisons difficult or un- fair to MSC, U.S.-flag carriers or any other party, the commission could remove format exemptions presently enjoyed by U.S.-flag op- erators filing military rates and re- quire such rates to be published in exactly the same manner and for- mat as commercial rates, e.g., tariffs and service contracts.

However, if military rates do not present such difficulties, a full or partial exemption from the 1984

Shipping Act requirements may be warranted. The exemption could be limited to the tariff filing require- ments of section 8, 46 U.S.C. app. 1707, or extended to the provisions of section 10 as well.

Comments are due 45 days after the June 3, 1992 publication of the

ANPRM in the Federal Register.

For further information contact:

Robert D. Bourgoin, General

Counsel, Federal Maritime Commis- sion, 1100 L St., N.W. Washington,

D.C. 20573. (202) 523-5740.

French Yard Unveils

High-Speed Vessel

For Passengers/Cars

The Design and Engineering De- partment of French shipbuilder Ate- liers et Chantiers du Havre (ACH) recently unveiled a long, highly streamlined single-hull project ves- sel with small lateral wings designed for passenger transport with or with- out vehicles.

The yard, which is currently build- ing the Club Med 2 for Club Med, said the proposed range of vessels will be capable of carrying between 50 and 2,200 passengers and 20 to 550 cars, with a waterline length ranging from 25 to 150 meters (82- 492 feet). At fully loaded cruising speeds, ACH claims the vessel will be able to obtain speeds of 50 knots, a sharp contrast with current car- ferry speeds of 20 to 22 knots.

The research and test campaign were partially backed by the French

Ministry of Industry.

For further information on ACH,

Circle 59 on Reader Service Card

July, 1992

Meyer Werft Cancels

Plan To Build New Yard

In Former East Germany

Amid pressure from its fellow

German and European competitors, shipbuilder Meyer Werft of

Papenburg recently announced it had canceled plans to build a modern shipyard on an island in the former

East Germany. Meyer Werft had been pursuing a plan to build a yard in the industrial district of the har- bor of Mukran on the island of Rugen since early 1990.

The cancellation follows a recent preliminary decision by the EC to reduce shipyard capacity in


Meyer Werft has been active in the revitalization of several former

East German yards, including

Rostock, Stralsund, Rechlin and

Wolgast. For example, through its active and successful support to

Volkswerft, Stralsund, especially in the way of new orders, Meyer

Werft has been able to secure em- ployment at the yard.



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