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service time. In it place has been the introduction of three maintenance program utilizing frequent short term availabilities: engineered op- erating cycle, progressive mainte- nance and phased maintenance. The basic pattern for each of these main- tenance programs is illustrated in

Exhibit 4.

As a result of these new mainte- nance programs, the percentage of scheduled maintenance being per- formed during short term availabil- ities has dramatically increased. Ten years ago, 78 percent of ship mainte- nance was being performed as part of regular overhauls—and only 22 percent during short term availabil- ities. Currently, only 32 percent of scheduled maintenance is being per- formed during regular overhauls.

The remaining 68 percent is being scheduled during short term availabilities.

Distribution Of

Navy Repair Work

Commercial yards have performed more than 60 percent of mainte- nance availabilities over the past six years. Of the 1,261 scheduled maintenance availabilities per- formed between FY 1985 and 1990, 799 (63 percent) were contracted to commercial shipyards. The eight naval shipyards performed 373 availabilities (30 percent) and 89 (7 percent) were performed in the

Yokosuka, Guam and Subic ship re- pair facilities. Details are shown in

Exhibit 5.

But Navy yards have performed the complex work. Virtually all of the submarine and nuclear surface combatant overhauls are assigned to naval shipyards. These are the big ticket jobs. Commercial ship- yard get to work on conventionally powered surface ships. However, even there they find themselves com- peting with naval shipyard for the more attractive surface combatant overhauls. They also have competi- tion from the Navy-owned ship re- pair facilities for work on amphibi- ous, auxiliary and support ships.

Fifteen shipyards performed 57 percent of the short term availabil- ities and 65 percent of the long term availabilities of large surface ships over the past six years.'Small sur- face ships (e.g., minesweepers, res- cue ships) and submarines are ex- cluded from this calculation. South- west Marine had the leading mar- ket share in short term availabilities.

Exhibit 4-lllustrative Maintenance Schedules for Navy Ships

Ccmparative Maintenance Patterns

Year 0123456789 10

Itegular Overhaul Cycle

AFEB 7 1 | &


Bigineered Operating Cycle

ED 963 --1 | -Q -O- -0 CD -O


Progressive Maintenance ^7 —-[> -0- -• 0- -o -D-*


Phased Ibintenance _ . . _ ISO 41 • D- • • •


Source: IMA Associates, "Maintenance, Repair & Modernization of U.S. Navy Ships."

Exhibit 6--Major Yards Repairing

Large Surface Ships, 1985-90

Short Term Availabilities

Company # of jobs % Market Share

Southwest Marine 89 11

Yokosuka SRF 53 7

Cont. Maritime 51 6

Norshipco 46 6

Metro Machine 44 6

Norfolk NSY 44 6

Jonathan 42 5


Atlantic Marine/DD 28 4

Charleston NSY 27 3

Other 337 43

Total- 792 100

Long Term Availabilities

Company # of jobs % Market Share

Philadelphia NSY 12 9

Long Beach NSY 11 8

Metro Machine 10 7


Norshipco 9 7

Southwest Marine 9 7

Norfolk NSY 8 6

Ingalls 7 5

Todd 7 5

Avondale 6 4

Other 48 35

Total- 137 100

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