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From now on...

You'll be seeing more of us

ICaMeWa, the marine propulsion specialist, is expanding in the USA and Canada.

In fact, we're opening a sales office in your area.

KaMeWa provides qualified technical assistance, plus an expert propulsion advisory service.

Our main products are Controllable Pitch Propellers,

Fixed Pitch Propellers, Rotatable Thrusters, Tunnel

Thrusters and Water Jets.


Contact us... before we contact you! ^sniTififlH i i A 1 >ti m


KaMeWa USA Inc. 3801 S.W. 47 th Avenue,

Suite 507

Fort Lauderdale, F1 33314

Phone: (305) 581 - 2780

Fax: (305) 581 -2785

KaMeWa Canada Inc. 113 Cushman Rd

Unit 55

St. Catherines, Ont L2M 6S9

Phone: (416) 684 - 4301

Fax: (416) 684 - 7381

Mackay Communications sup- plied the autopilot, as well as the

VHF and SSB radio equipment.

The containership, which mea- sures more than 713 feet long and 105 feet wide, has a design capacity of 1,650 TFEU (24-foot-equivalent units) or 1,400 TFEU plus 125, 40- foot auto frames (FAFs). A maxi- mum of 1,910 TFEU (or 1,650 TFEU plus 130 FAFs) may be achieved through four-tier-on-deck container stacking.

Refrigerated containers may be stowed in the holds and on five of 16 on-deck container rows. Holds are closed by watertight pontoon hatches, designed by MacGregor

Navire, for stacking on adjacent cov- ers. A water fire extinguishing sys- tem covers the deck and accommo- dations, while a CO fire extinguish- ing system is in all cargo and ma- chinery spaces.

The deck equipment from Ulstein

Norwinch features two horizontal shaft type anchors and mooring windlasses mounted on separate bed plates.

The anchors are two lightweight

AC-14 type. Other equipment in- cludes: centrifugal pumps by Weir

Pumps, Ltd.; rotary pumps by

McKenna Eng. & Equipment; air conditioning and s/s reefer by York;

HVAC and machinery fans by Buf- falo Forge; joiners by Hopeman

Brothers; switchboards by Point

Eight Power Inc.; elevator by Jered

Brown; electric motors by Reliance; heat exchangers by ITT Standard; and purifiers by Alfa-Laval.

The ship was finished using coat- ings from International Paint, with

Ameron providing the supplies for the bottom coating.


Equipment List

Main engine MAN B&W

Propeller Thyssen Rheinstahl

Thrusters Ulstein Maritime

Generator engines Wartsila Vasa

Generator Wartsila Vasa

Engine controls Norcontrols

Steering controls Anschutz of America (Frydenbo)

Deck machinery Ulstein/Norwinch

Shafting Thyssen Rheinstahl

Coatings International Paint and Ameron

VHF and SSB radios Mackay Communications

Radar Sperry Marine Inc.

Loran Raytheon Service Co.

Autopilot Mackay Communications

Centrifugal pump Weir Pumps

Rotary pump McKenna Eng. & Equipment

Air conditioning York

S/S Reefer Yor

HVAC and Machinery fans Buffalo Forge

Joiner Hopeman Brothers

Switchboards Point Eight Power Inc.

Elevator Jered Brown

Electric motors Reliance

Heat exchangers ITT Standard

Purifiers Alfa-Laval

Lifeboats Schat Watercraft

Verft yard no. 231, was delivered to the Western Geophysical Company, a subsidiary of Western Atlas Inter- national, Inc., of the U.S.

Powered by a centralized diesel electric power plant from Bergen

Diesel, the vessel's propulsion and compressors are all electrically driven, providing a high level of availability and redundancy. The

Western Regent also features four- blade screwed, CP propellers, driven through a single input, single out- put reduction gearbox. The vessel displayed a trial speed of 16 knots.

Shipboard and hydroacoustic noise is carefully controlled. Special measures were taken throughout the design and building program to ensure extremely low noise levels.

All rotating machinery installations are resiliently mounted, and vibra- tion characteristics of the steel struc- ture and hull is made without inter- ference from machinery and propul- sion plant.

The vessel measures 92.5 meters long, with a 20-meter breadth and a 6.4-meter design draft. It can ac- commodate 61 people, as it features five suites with a day room, bed- room and bathroom; two one-man cabins; 16 two-man cabins; 11 two- man bedrooms attached to day rooms and one two-bed hospital.


Equipment List

Main engine Ulstein Bergen

Propeller Ulstein Propeller

Auxiliary generator Cummins

Bow thruster Ulstein Propeller

Generator engine Stromberg

Generators Stromberg ABB

Thruster engine Stromberg

Engine controls Ulstein Marine Electronics

Steering gear Ulstein Frydenbo (Anschutz)

Shafting Ulstein Propeller A/S

Windlasses Norwinch

Switchboards Ulstein Marine Electronics

Radar Furuno

Gyro compass Tokyo Keiko

Autopilot Robertson

Satellite communications Furuno

Inmarsat J.R.C.

VHF radio Jotron

SSB radio Skanti

Coatings International


Ulstein Verft

Circle 86 on Reader Service Card

The UT 747 Seismic Research

Vessel, designed by Ulstein Inter- national AS and built in Ulstein


Kvaerner Masa

Circle 81 on Reader Service Card

The 95,000-dwt M/T Futura, a double-hulled special tanker, was delivered to its owner Neste Oy, the

Finnish state-owned oil company.

The 790.7-foot vessel has a breadth of 131.2 feet and a design draft of 45.9 feet. The ship was specially built to import crude and oil products from the North Sea area to Finland, but is also equipped for worldwide operation. The ship rep- resents the latest development in tanker technology and oil transport safety, and is one of the few tankers with ice strengthening in this size class. The vessel has accommoda- tions for 18 crew plus two spare cabins. 58 Circle 285 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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