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Du Pont Offers Information

On Its Detacouple Joints

Detacouple structural transition joints for welding aluminum to steel are composite inserts that make it possible to permanently join dissimi- lar metals by standard welding tech- niques. The joints primary uses in the shipbuilding industry include welding aluminum superstructures and bulkheads to steel hulls, fram- ing and decks, and offer the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of aluminum.

Structural transition joints for shipboard use are composed of 5000 series aluminum, bonded to low car- bon-manganese steel, with an inter- mediate layer of 1100 series alumi- num to assure maximum bond strength. The transition joints are offered in two thicknesses, 0.75- and 1.375-inch, and in either strip or plate form. Strips are also available in widths from 0.75 to six inches, and random lengths up to 144 inches.

Some of the advantages of the

Detacouple, according to the manu- facturer, include: ease of installa- tion; resistance to corrosion; reduc- tion in vessel weight; increased ves- sel speed; and a lower center of grav- ity. For a free brochure on the

Detacouple transition joint, includ- ing facts and figures on the products mechanical properties and corrosion resistance,

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Sioux Offers Explosion-

Proof Cleaners

Sioux Steam Cleaner Corporation manufactures a complete line of all- electric, explosion- proof cleaners for the petroleum industry, units in 72 sizes, on stationary, skid or portable mountings, with an optional five- coat vinyl finish to protect against corrosion.

The products, intended specifi- cally for use in oil field operations, also lends itself for use for offshore drilling, rig maintenance and other areas where conventional cleaners may not be practical.

Designed for use in a hazardous environment, the company's clean- ing units provide steam cleaning in addition to hot and cold water pres- sure washing. Ratings are avail- able for 40 to 240 gph, 325-degree

Fahrenheit saturated steam and 80 to 720 gph pressure washing, with up to 3,000 PSIG.

Sioux cleaners have no flames, fumes, odors or smoky exhaust, and are said by the manufacturer to pro- vide years of environmentally safe operation.

For information on Sioux,

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CAST Helps Supply

Raytheon-Led ADSS Effort

For USCG In Alaska

CAST, Inc. (Computing Applica- tions Software Technology, Inc.) will supply the GPS satellite navigation elements of the program known as the Automated Dependent Surveil- lance System (ADSS) recently awarded to the Raytheon Co. of Lex- ington, Mass., by the U.S. Coast


Raytheon's Equipment Division is the prime contractor for the ADSS, which will provide Coast Guard watchstanders in Valdez, Alaska with marine traffic information from the Prince William Sound area.

Among the features of the ADSS are the use of CAST-supplied GPS navi- gation and ancillary communication elements for both ship and shore use. The GPS shipboard element will be enhanced by differential cor- rections as determined and commu- nicated by a land-based GPS refer- ence system to provide automatic vessel position reports accurate to 10 meters.

CAST was started more than 10 years ago principally to develop fixed-price, military software pro- grams in the navigation and com- munications field. CAST has pro- duced specialized GPS software and systems for the development, test and navigation of GPS systems. The company was recently acquired by

Pacer Systems, Inc. of Billerica,

Mass., as a wholly-owned subsid- iary.

For more information on the prod- ucts and service offered by CAST,


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Technology, creativity, efficiency.

To be a leader all over the world seas.

It's the strategic choice of a Company constantly seeking high quality and advanced technologic solutions.

With the conversion of Costa Riviera, Clodia and Ferruzzi bulk carriers and with the rebuilding of Costa Marina,

Mariotti is a leader in international ship's repairing.

Mariotti: an image of creativity, efficiency, perfect organization.

Since 1928 an efficient and flexible organization, the ability of Technicians, worker's teams highly skilled, have entailed Mariotti to be appreciated all over the world.

Repairs and conversions of all kind of ships.

General overhaulings of main auxiliary engines, mechanical equipment.

Dry dock works, installation of machinery and equipment.

Steelworks, pipeworks.


Engineering workshop - Ship's repair and completing

Calata Chiappella, Genova (Porto) - Tel. 010/24081 - Telefax 010/240824 - Telex 270329

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