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Circle 276 on Reader Service Card or visit whereby the propulsion plant has been dimensioned to ensure a rapid service speed of 22.8-knots. Despite the increase in both RoRo intake and pas- senger capacity, its speed has only been penalized by about half a knot com- pared with the Cenargo ships. Four nine-cylinder examples of the Wiirtsila 38-series engine drive pairs of Lips controllable pitch propellers through

Reintjes reduction gearboxes.

The nomination of the 380-mm bore, medium-speed design in its original A version, as opposed to the 10-percent more powerful B-type. gives unit rat- ings of 8,075-bhp (5,940-kW) and a consequent, overall power concentra- tion of 32,300-bhp (23,760-kW). All four engines were produced in the

Netherlands at Wiirtsila's modernized

Zwolle plant.

The rotational energy of the prime movers will be harnessed to greater purpose through the expedient of a power take-off (PTO) on each gearbox.

In each case, this will drive a shaft alternator sized to give 1,400-kW at 1,800-rpm, serving at-sea electrical power needs. Additional and alongside electrical energy requirements will be covered by an auxiliary installation based on three 1,360-kW Wartsila diesel gensets. The preceding RoPax quartet from Seville had a more exten- sive shaft alternator installation, using four such units, with a commensurate reduction in the auxiliary engine outfit.

Murillo's pair of 1,300-kW bow tun- nel thrusters from Brunvoll will place a substantial, intermittent load on the system, in conferring the requisite maneuverability to which the vessel's flap-type rudders and variable pitch main propellers will also be contributo- ry. In the interests of both passenger comfort and freight security, the

Trasmediterranea ferry has been fitted with Mitsubishi retractable fin stabiliz- ers, while vessel movements during loading and unloading will be kept within certain criteria through the inter- vention of an automatic, Intering anti- heeling system.

Murillo, named after the 17th century painter from Seville, is to be phased into the route network linking Spanish mainland Mediterranean ports with the

Balearic Islands. The vessel will be the third, full-displacement RoRo passen- ger ferry newbuild to have been com- missioned into the Balearic traffic since the summer of this year, when sisters

Sorolla and Fortuny were introduced.

The latter, each arranged for 1,000-pas- sengers and about 98 trailers plus 165 cars, were delivered by privately- owned shipbuilder Hijos J.Barreras, in

Vigo, and the IZAR yard at Puerto

Real, respectively.

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